Reflecting on 2010 and Goals for 2011

2010 – In a Nutshell

The year started off on a high note, I visited my best friend from high school in Panama and saw her life in the Peace Corps! While we were at it, we saw four great areas of Panama: The eclectic mix of cultures in Panama City, the fun laid back surfer vibe of Bocas Del Toro, the beautiful mountains and coffee farms of Boquete, and the pristine unspoiled waters of San Blas Islands.

Red Frog Beach, Isla Bastimentos, Panama

We returned relaxed, a bit sunburned, and with a better appreciation for everything that we have and all of the work Kaitlin was doing in her village.

Kaitlin talking to her Neighbors at her Peace Corps site

Last winter we were able to go skiing several times and had a blast doing it! We even tried snow shoeing and it’s something we look forward to adding to our list of winter hobbies.

Picture perfect day at Stowe Mountain Resort

Celebrated two Years with Rob in February 🙂

Visited my friends Courtney and Dave in Colorado and finally had my first experience skiing in powder.  I even was able to help Courtney shop for her wedding gown, that she ended up purchasing

Skiing at A-Basin in CO

Cheered one of my best friends on in the 2010 Boston Marathon, such an amazing experience. So proud of Noel!

Noel & Me, so proud of her!

Hosted a legendary Kentucky Derby Party with friends, where we raised $200 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Next year we’re going for more!

Wooster Alums celebrating the Derby

Had to put down my beloved childhood “puppy” Bonnie Jean, marking the end of dogs in my family’s house for the first time since 1993 🙁

RIP Bonnie Jean

Celebrated SEVERAL friend’s weddings, in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Cape Cod, Delaware and Colorado!

Courtney & Dave's Wedding in Colorado with good swimming friends from college

Inbetween all of the weddings we were able to fit in some beach weekends and a trip to see Jimmy Buffett, always a highlight of summer…

Tailgated at Buffett with my mother, her friend Maureen and my boyfriend Rob 🙂

I injured my knee, which took longer than I anticipated to recover from, and eventually dropped out of the 2010 Chicago Marathon 🙁 But I was able to run the Falmouth Road Race! Note to self, MORE YOGA!

FRR 2010

In a matter of a few weeks this fall, I got a new job and a new apartment!

One of the biggest highlights of 2010 was re-establishing a relationship with one of my longest friends, Katy. After a few years of not speaking over things that are now far behind us, it’s been great having her wonderful outlook and thoughtful personality back in my life again. I’ve loved reminiscing over old stories and catching up on our current lives. Plus, she and I landed new jobs within a week of one another, and now she is working for the American Cancer Society New England DetermiNation program. The fit is absolutely perfect for her, and I am beyond thrilled! She has enlisted me as a mentor for the Hyannis Half and Full Marathon, which I am looking forward to helping charity runners through the trials and tribulations of training for an endurance event and fund raising.

Circa 1996, Katy, her little sister Chrissy and me with my dogs Rory and Bonnie

Finally, in the beginning of December my best friend from high school, Kaitlin, Returned back from Panama! We celebrated her return with her entire family and friends, and enjoyed (probably a little too much) Christmas cheer. It’s so wonderful to have Katy and Kaitlin back in my life, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed them!

Kaitlin, Katy & Me at an XMas Party In December

So what can I say, it has certainly been an interesting year with several ups and downs, but I have to say, all in all life is good. I’m looking forward to an even better 2011!

Goals for 2011

This year I’m *planning* on taking the year off from running a marathon and focusing on doing a lot more 5-10k’s, 10 milers, half marathons and triathlons. It will be tough, and there will certainly be temptations to sign up for a full 26.2, but I’m sticking to my guns! Hopefully that will help me get the fire back to run another full marathon in hopes that I can have an experience similar to my first marathon, the ING NYC Marathon in 2008. In addition to working out, I’m hoping to spend as much time with friends and get down to my mom’s house on the cape as much as possible 🙂

  1. Only run shorter races – This year I’ve made the conscious decision NOT to run a marathon. Last year that decision was made for me, which was heartbreaking, but I’m moving on. I’m going to focus on 5-10k’s, triathlons and half marathons.
  2. More Yoga –  in 2011, I’m going to make every effort to go at least once a week in order to reduce injury and help work on my core
  3. More morning gym work outs – This also goes hand in hand with #4…
  4. Get More Sleep – So then I can’t hit that snooze button and skip the gym!
  5. Renewed focus on Healthy Eating and Portion Control– Easier said than done, but this is always a challenge!
  6. More time at the Cape!– It is my happy place, after all 🙂

What was your favorite moment of 2010? What are your goals for 2011?

Merry SNOWY Christmas and Cold Weather Running Tips

It’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and 2010 is just days away from ending. Where has the past year gone?! It feels like it was just July and I was in the smack in the middle of wedding season! It’s been a great year, and I’m certainly looking forward to an even better 2011. The holidays are great, and this year’s was no exception. Rob and I spent Christmas Eve with his family and then went down to the cape to spend Christmas day with my family. We were treated to two beautiful days before being assaulted with snow, with “Snoloko” in Boston.

This Christmas my baking obsession (goes hand in hand with my running obsession!) took on a new level on intensity when I volunteered to bake a 3D Snowman cake for Rob’s niece’s Second Birthday. I spent all day baking and frosting, and there were multiple obstacles, but in the end it was completely worth it! Rob’s niece absolutely loved the cake and it was a huge hit with the rest of his family. Yay!


Rob’s Niece, Bea admiring her Snowman Birthday cake!

After Christmas Eve dinner and Mass, we piled into Rob’s car and made it to my mom’s house on the cape. After catching up with family and wrapping my gifts (major procrastination in the gift wrapping department this year…) I went straight to bed.

Unable to sleep on Christmas morning I woke up early and drank coffee and caught up with my brother and sister in law. Once everyone woke up we opened our stockings a couple gifts, and then took a break so my brother and sister in law could go to her father’s house for a few hours. Rob and I took advantage of the beautiful day, and the break in the action and went for a run on my favorite route. I took my camera along to capture the snowy coastal scenes, enjoy!


It was a little bright out there 🙂


A cold, but Happy Foxy!


All business


Empty Parking lot, normally there is a line of cars waiting to get in!

Nothing like the quiet of the cape in the winter...

LOVE the starfish

Bass River

Someone wasn't terribly happy about the paparazzi...

One of my favorite houses on the river

Until the next visit!

The run went well, but the cold air and wind definitely posed some challenges. There were a few times we had to stop to catch our breathe because the cold air was knocking the wind out of our lungs, brrrr! Since several of my running friends are now starting to train for the Hyannis Half or Full Marathon, and a little race called the Boston Marathon, some cold weather running tips are necessary!

Cold Weather Running Tips

  1. Bundle up– This means keeping your hands, head and feet warm.
  2. Wear a high neck or choker– to help protect your lungs, if it’s really cold breathe through these and it should help ease the burning sensation
  3. Use an inhaler! This is a new problem of mine, but I now use an inhaler before running and keep it with me just in case I encounter any issues
  4. Breathe in and out of your nose– Less of a cold air shock to your lungs!
  5. Try to maintain an easy and relaxed breathing pattern
  6. When all else fails, slow your pace!

I’ve found that the shock of running outdoors is the worst, and your lungs and body adjust to the cold weather each time you head out for a run. Just be patient.

What are your cold running tips and tricks?

Santa Speedo and Jingle Bell Run Recaps

After losing a bet to a friend in 2006, my boyfriend Rob was forced to wear a speedo and run in 20 degree weather throughout the streets of Boston in what is now known as one of the biggest events in December, the Santa Speedo Run. Four years later, and no lost bets to be had, Rob is still running in a speedo. Why? Maybe it’s the frostbite? Maybe it’s the self deprecating nature of flaunting oneself throughout the streets of Boston? Maybe it’s the beer? Whatever it is, it’s always a good time for us to switch roles, where he is the runner and I become the dedicated cheerleader.

The run starts and ends at Lir, an Irish bar in Boston’s Back Bay, with the runners making their way down Boylston St, taking a left onto Arlington and then looping back onto Newbury street. This area is historic, beautiful and also one of the busiest shopping areas in New England, so you can only imagine how shoppers who unknowingly stumble upon the race react. Oops!

The event is silly, but it’s not without great causes associated with the run. The race benefits three charities, and this year over $230,000 was raised by 500 runners wearing speedos, not too shabby!

Now, it’s time for some incriminating photos….


Rob & I enjoying some pre race libations


Rob is Ready!

Chris Rowe!


Running in Speedos with Style!


Here they come!


Rob's friend Joe, who came all the way from Chicago for the run





You thought it was over, nope! The holiday cheer continued through this past weekend when I ran the Marathon Sports 4th Annual Somerville Jingle Bell Run 5k. I’ve always meant to sign up for this race, but I end up procrastinating for some unknown reason and missing the deadline, not this year! The race started at 11am right in Davis sq, so it was perfect for people who were coming in from out of town, or live in the city and enjoyed a few too many winter warmers the night before 🙂 I ran with my best friend Kaitlin, who ran in a red Tutu, and my marathon buddy, Michele! Michele’s Husband has an amazing SLR, so he assumed the role of photographer to capture the amazing costumes worn during the race.

Without further ado…

Kaitlin, Michele, Foxy & Me

Michele and my back

These reindeer stayed hitched for the entire 5k, impressive!

Mr. Grinch wears a Celtics jersey?!

Red faces love free beer after a cold run!

The Quinns!

Kaitlin, Me, and Maddie, Kaitlin's little sister showing off the fun medals!

Overall it was a great run! There weren’t a lot of spectators along the course, but the amazing outfits definitely made up for it! I also enjoyed the fact that there were limited hills, very much appreciated Marathon Sports. The post race celebrations, which I heard spanned over several bars in the area, were absolutely amazing. Everyone was in good spirits and happy to have run such a run race. It definitely wasn’t my fastest 5k (25:09), but considering how I was running through Laryngitis and a head cold, I was happy with the time. Plus, it’s all about getting into the holiday spirit, right?!

I definitely give a huge thumbs up for both of these runs. It’s a great way to bring together friends, raise money and share in some good old (and sweaty) holiday cheer!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ibex Winter Warming Party

This past Thursday I attended the Ibex Boston Grand Opening “Winter Warming” party. The party was a huge hit and a great time had by all. I first heard about Ibex from my brother and sister in law, who live in VT and absolutely love the brand for all of their various outdoor adventures, running, hiking, skiing, you name it! So when I saw the grand opening event on facebook I immediately RSVP’ed!

Ally, Lizzy and Rob

The new Ibex Boston store is located at 303 Newbury street, a great location for such a fun outdoor brand! I loved checking out the awesome clothes and catching up with old friends and making new ones. I bumped into Rob from @Bostonoutdoor and introduced him to Lizzy @Foodtorunfor. In addition I met the legendary @Bostontweet and the uber-outgoing Sarah from @Boloco. In addition I got to see my friend Sarah and meet her future mother in law!

Packed house!

Ibex gave party goers a 20% discount off of merchandise as well as a chance to win a weekend at the Stowe Mountain Resort and a $500 Ibex shopping spree. Of course I signed up immediately and I am still waiting with bated breathe to hear who won! As if that wasn’t enough, they had delicious VT beers from Longtrail and Magic Hat breweries, spiked apple cider, pizza from American Flatbread and some delicious sweet treats!

Sarah and the store manager!

I miss you Lizzy!

The only downside to this party? It was so fun that I ended up not being able to try on any of their great work out gear! @Bostonoutdoor recommended that I try the Shak hoody (pictured above), apparently it’s great for cold weather running and skiing! I’ve heard awesome things about their yoga and running tights as well, so I will surely be returning!

Thank you to the whole Ibex Boston team for putting on an awesome event!

A New Lease on Life

After four years at my first job ever from college, I have left and moved on. My first job was at a swanky Boston advertising agency known for making award winning ads and a great work place culture. I loved the office, the view was amazing and I made some of the best friends I’ve ever met. I learned so much about the advertising industry and corporate culture, for which I am forever thankful.

Vintage photo from my first month of work, at one of the over the top media functions that occured before the recession...

However, nothing is always sunshine 24/7/365. As the years passed by, friends began to leave me for new opportunities, many moving onto new cities and many others starting a new career, or going back to school. The recession was particularly hard, watching friends get laid off, and the constant stress and fear of being let go lead to many sleepless nights. This constant fear and sadness lead to work feeling like a grind, and after awhile, I began to wonder what work might be like outside of the hallowed halls of my prestigious agency, and not live in constant fear of losing my job.

So after over four years, I left my first job in mid October in favor of going to a much smaller agency. So far, it’s great!

I will miss my time at my last job, but I’m excited for what life will bring with my new venture. Since it’s a smaller office, I’m looking forward to working on multiple different projects and having more client interaction. The office is also known for having a great work life balance, so I’m also looking forward to being able to fit in a days worth of work, AND great work outs!

I’ve also joined a new gym, Boston Athletic Club, so I’m looking forward to utilizing all of their amenities! The gym is quite large, but a few things that I’m interested in are utilizing their: full sized lap pool (HOORAY!), Yoga & Pilates classes, Squash Courts (never played before, so why not?!), spinning and exercise classes. I’m sure I’ll find more things to try as I get into a rhythm at the club, but right now I’m just trying everything out.

On top of the new job, I also made the decision to move to a new apartment! I know, big changes. I moved to a 1 bedroom not too far from the ocean in my favorite neighborhood, South Boston. So far I’m absolutely loving living alone, and I’m looking forward to making it my own and having friends over. My new apartment is also relatively close to the headquarters of the L Street Running Club, which I definitely want to try out! I don’t know anyone personally that runs with them, so I need to muster up the energy to go and be the new kid on the block 🙂

Aside from life, I’ve decided to focus on triathlons in 2011, instead of distance running. I love marathons, but my experience at MCM and then my injury that eventually led to dropping out of the Chicago Marathon, has caused me to feel a bit burnt out on running for longer than an hour. I just want to get the feeling I felt during the 2008 ING New York City Marathon back! I think the perfect solution is a mix of everything, swimming, running and well…I guess cycling too (side note, I TOTALLY suck at cycling and I hate it…I suppose I’ll have to change that)! I have my eye on a few sprint triathlons in the Boston area, and if that goes well, then I’ll try longer distances. But for right now, I just want to get the fire back. I’m hoping that my new job and living situation will help put me in the perfect position to do so. Here’s to hoping!

Circuit Training with David

David Hill (@DavidKHill) is a good friend of mine at work, and a fellow endorphin junkie; he recently got into running over the past year, and recently completed his first half marathon–congrats David! David is a big dude, and really knows a thing or two about weight training, so I’ve been wanting to pick his brain on the best weight training for running. As a football player in high school, he carried the football player training mentality with him to the gym throughout college and his first few years in the “real world.” He told me that the real game changer was when he moved to New Hampshire and started attending the prestigious Tuck Business school at Dartmouth College and he started seeing a trainer once a week. He had muscle, but he said he was bulky with a great deal of extra weight, and he wanted to change up his plan and drop a few pounds. He said he immediately dropped significant weight and now does a mix of the work out below 3 times a week, interspersed with running and bootcamp class.

This work out is a good mix of cardio and weight training, which helps keep workouts fresh and combat boredom. Mixing up your workouts into short bursts and hitting different muscle groups also increases the rate of your metabolism, what’s not to love?

Circuit workout with David 60 Minutes

Watch out for a second installment full of great action shots! 🙂

It’s Official: I’m Dropping Out of the 2010 Chicago Marathon

I’ve avoided this post for quite some time because I didn’t want to have to write or explain to anyone that I was quitting anything, let alone a marathon! Sadly, it’s true, I’m dropping out of the 2010 Chicago Marathon. The long and short of it is, my knee injury which forced me to miss over five weeks of training, has left me feeling extremely under prepared for this race. On top of that, I missed two long runs due to extenuating circumstances. UGH.

CM10 was supposed to be my come back race after last year’s horrible Marine Corps Marathon ordeal. When I sat down and thought about what CM10 would be like with a minimal training base, that’s when nightmares of MCM ’09 flashed into my head. I know I could suck it up and get through 26.2 miles with minimal training, but what would I really be accomplishing here? Another miserable experience that would make me (temporarily) hate running? No, unfortunately, it’s not worth it. Sadly, the Chicago Marathon doesn’t allow runners to defer their numbers to the following year, so I’ve lost my entry fee, and probably won’t be running this race anytime in the near future. Bummer.

So, what am I going to do with all of my free time? More cross training: Core Fusion, spin, bootcamp, gravity work, injury prevention workouts, winter sports like skiing and snow shoeing and finally, YOGA. I’m also going to try to fill up my schedule with shorter races to work on speed and make an event of them with friends. Finally, I’m going to focus on nutrition, trying to stay aware of portion sizes and exactly what I’m eating and how it makes me feel. The fall and winter are chock full of holiday dining events where I traditionally allow myself to eat whatever I want by resigning myself to the holiday bulge. This year I can’t promise that I won’t give in to delicious treats, but at least I’ll stay a bit more aware of these.

This was a difficult decision to make, but I know it’s the right one. Stay tuned for my next adventures…!

Class Review: Gravity Bootcamp

I’ve always wanted to get in a better routine of working out in the morning before work, but I rarely can execute this task. I’m usually too tired, comfortable in bed, or just plain lazy to do so. However, since I’ve moved to a different neighborhood that is a little bit of a longer commute, I told myself I had to start going in the mornings in order to insure a faster, and safer commute home at the end of the day. So, when I was heading out of the gym on Monday night and noticed a sign up for a new class called Gravity Bootcamp at 7am, I decided, why not? My logic was if I signed up for a class, then I would be that much more apt to actually get my butt to the gym and follow through with my goal of transitioning to morning work outs.

The next day my alarm went off at 5:45am, and total shocker, I actually got up! I walked to the T, got on and arrived at Boston Sports Club with enough time to stretch and wake up before indulging in the fun of Gravity Bootcamp. The class was comprised of eight people, and four GTS machines, which essentially looked like souped up Pilates reformer machines. Before we got going the trainer had all of us make specific changes to the machines so we knew all of the settings and didn’t injure ourselves, this was key!

An advanced move that I certainly didn't attempt!

He organized us into two groups of four people, when one group was using the four machines, the other group would be doing static exercises on training mats. Directly following the instruction we launched into our lower body work outs on the Gravity Machine: a series of squats, squat jumps, one legged squats, all intertwined with a variety of static exercises, which were essentially repeating the aforementioned exercises. At first I thought, Hmm, this isn’t THAT bad. Then I got to the one legged squats, HOLY HECK! I did three and struggled to make it to ten of each side.

Once we finished lower body, we went directly into upper body work outs, which consisted of bicep curls, seated rows, pull ups, skull crushers and over the head pull-downs. The static mat exercises were a series of planks, side crunches, bicycle abs, push ups, etc. Since I’ve always had shoulder issues, I was a bit leery of this portion, but I actually felt great. I think that all of my hard work in Core Fusion has paid off in terms of upper body strength 🙂

I found this promotional video that highlights most of the moves we did in the demo class. Not only does it show everything, it’s accompanied by some rockin’ tracks to really get you in the mood to try this gravity machine! (or..NOT)


At the end of the class the trainer gave us a hand out to enroll in the 8 week class, which met once a week and cost $189. Whoa, $189?! On top of a $72/month membership, no thanks! However, after thinking more about it, I think I might pursue this post marathon training and really dedicate time to trying to increase my strength training. I think this class would be an amazing way to kick yourself into great shape when you have a goal in mind, brides to be, take note! The class does come with a hefty price tag, but it holds true to my theory on spending money on working out. If it’s good for your health and wellbeing, and it might cost a little extra, it’s probably worth sacrificing a few nights out at a bar or fatty dinners!

Running with Lizzy in Beautiful Boston

Since my nagging injury sidelined me from training for five weeks I haven’t been able to run with one of my favorite running buddies, Lizzy. I’ve mentioned Lizzy before in my blog, but for those who don’t know about her, she is my coworker and also the writer of Food to Run For, where she writes about her adventures in the kitchen and out on the pavement. Liz and I share a lot in common, and I thoroughly enjoy running with her whenever we can squeeze it into our hectic schedules.

Here is the link for the route that we ran, pretty self explanatory! Morning Charles River Route! Find more Runs in Boston, Massachusetts

This morning we decided to partake in a morning run instead of a lunch time run, so we didn’t feel the stress of work hanging over our heads. I brought my camera with me since it was such a picture perfect day, so check out the photos below and ENJOY!

capturing some moments pre run in our office before the day starts

And another where you can actually see our faces!

Lizzy running through Downtown Crossing

Park Street Church and Boston Common in the distance

Me running by the Massachusetts State House

Beacon Hill

Doesn't it look like a shot from Good Will Hunting?

Running around the Finger islands

Lizzy on the Harvard Bridge!

And of course me

Boston from the Cambridge side of the Charles

Beautiful Boston

Taking in the view of Downtown

Heading over the Salt & Pepper bridge back to Bean town

Almost there!

Back to 53 State and time to start our days!

Falmouth Road Race Recap

On August 15th I ventured back to the scene of my most painful race of 2008, the Falmouth Road Race. As I outlined earlier, this race is certainly not a friend, it is an evil enemy just lurking and teasing me to come back for more. My brother is a huge advocate of this race, so he usually breaks me down and gets me to sign up for the lottery every year. Since I got in this year, I decided, what the heck, I’ll give it a go.

Sunday Morning Pre Race

So the morning of the race I woke up around 6am and started gathering my things. Since Falmouth is on the way back to Boston, my boyfriend and I figured it would be smart to avoid additional traffic headaches and head back home directly from the race. So as I prepped everything, I was also packing up my excessive amount of bags for the weekend! My brother and sister in law were also awake and we all chatted over coffee and breakfast on our race strategy. My brother, who was in better shape than past years, wanted to break an hour and finish the race feeling strong. My sister in law and I both mentioned that we wanted to take it slow and enjoy the amazing scenery, whatever happened, would happen. My overly generous boyfriend and caravan driver, woke up and we quickly piled into his car and left for the race.

The drive to Falmouth from my mom’s house in Yarmouth is a long and tedious one, we had to take a road that is littered with stop signs and traffic lights–ick! As we approached the center of town, the traffic changed from steady movement to a complete standstill. After sitting in stop and go traffic for 20 minutes, my brother, sister in law and I all hopped out and decided to go the rest of the way on foot. Everywhere we looked there were runners sporting their numbers scrambling to make one of the shuttle buses to Woods Hole, which is the scenic start of the race. Luckily there were thousands of other people waiting behind us for buses so we were in great shape.

Fast forward to the runners village, and I quickly broke off from my brother and sister in law in order run to the bathroom. If you know me at all, you know this is a huge source of anxiety for me, and even if I don’t need to, I end up popping into a porto-potty multiple times before a race, just in case. Luckily, my impulsive idiosyncratic ways paid off, because from the moment I got in line to when I entered the porto, was over 40 minutes–Yikes! I was in and out in a flash, and then proceeded to the start line, with roughly 7 minutes to spare.

On my way to my wave, I ran into a coworker and her husband, which was a fun treat and lightened my anxious mood. Once I made it to my area, I spread out and stretched quickly, then did my ritual jump up and down (residual habit ingrained in me from year and years of swim meets) as I was beginning to settle in, I looked to my left, and who was there but @petfxr! She didn’t even notice it was me at first, but just wanted to comment on my colorful race day shorts 🙂 We chatted briefly and it definitely helped lighten my mood even more since I had a running buddy in my wave. The weather was cloudy and a nice 70 degree temperature, absolutely perfect road race weather. I was hopeful that this was going to be the year that turned my animosity towards the Falmouth Road Race around.

The Race

Before too long we were off, and as usual, the start was a complete disaster. Picture extremely narrow roads and over 10,000 people trying to squeeze through all at the same time, not fun. Luckily I felt good and just settled into a groove and tried to run at my own pace and avoid zig zagging around people. Things finally started to break up a bit around the first mile marker, which is at the picturesque sweeping view that Falmouth is most commonly known for. As soon as I came around the bend and saw the lighthouse I said to myself, now this is beautiful, enjoy this. As I said these words I realized that in 2008, I was already hating my life at this point, so the race was already going exponentially better in that regard.

I took the next few miles at my own pace, but holding roughly 9 minute mile pace, which is exactly where I wanted to be, not too fast, but not too slow. I made sure not to use up all the gas, as I knew the coming hills would potentially pose some problems for my knees. I continued to take in the scenery and just enjoy the fact that I was actually able to run. After not being able to run for nearly 5 weeks, I was so elated that I was back that it really helped bouy my mood throughout the race.

I felt good until about mile 5, when the hills ended and I hit the straight aways near the beach, owww, I thought, this hurts. I continued to focus and my pace slowed a bit, but I made a promise to myself “just make it through without walking!” I soldiered on, and the next mile was difficult, but I was treated to seeing my boyfriend just before the 10k mark, so that helped give me a little boost for the end of the race.

Thumbs up for Falmouth!

Then, I conquered the final hill, and what a battle it was. I dug deep and just kept telling myself, DON’T WALK, DON’T WALK, DON’T WALK, and that shortly after the hill ended, was the finish line.

The INTENSITY never stops!

When I reached the top I saw the gigantic American flag waving in all it’s glory over the finish line, hallelujah!!! I made it! When I crossed the finish line I put my hands up in joy and thought to myself, now that wasn’t so bad! I made my way to the finish festival, found some ice for my knee and enjoyed some post race snacks and water. I was just so happy that I didn’t hate my life that I didn’t even care about my time, I was done!

Post Race Thoughts

Overall I thought I had a really solid race. I accomplished all of my goals

  1. Slow and Steady– In order to make sure that I don’t reinjure myself, I’m going to take things very slow and steady, particularly the brutal hills near the end of this course-CHECK!
  2. Take in the Scenery– The last time I ran this race I went out so fast that I wasn’t able to take in the true beauty of the race. This time I’m planning on hanging out and enjoying the scenery and actually enjoying myself :)One BIG Check, this race is BEAUTIFUL!
  3. Use the spectators to fuel me through the race– One of my memories from FRR ’08 was the sheer number of spectators that come out to cheer on runners. It was similar in volume to the amount of people that come out to watch a marathon, which is very impressive!- Check! I loved the spectators!
  4. JUST FINISH– ‘Nuff said!- CHECK! And, I didn’t walk!

And my time: 1:02:47, which is actually 30 seconds slower than my time in 2008, but considering my approach and overall outcome, I thought that 2010 was a great race and a good time, especially considering my come back.

I will certainly be entering into the lottery next year, and trying to better not only my time, but my overall experience. Thank you to all of the dedicated race organizers and volunteers for making this a fabulous event.

Oh, and afterwards my boyfriend and I were able to relax at my friend Sarah & Mike’s wonderful beachside house in Falmouth, cheers!

Enjoying beautiful Black Beach on Buzzards Bay