"Across Loulan" media tour seeks to rehabilitate Xinjiang's image

The grand media tour, themed “Across Loulan”, which would explore Loulan areas via online cultural activities and offline field trips, began with an opening ceremony at its first destination: Bagrax County, in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, on August 9, 2016.


Grand ceremony to showcase traditional Mongolian costumes

In order to welcome the media, celebrate events such as the Marathon race and help journalists experience local life, a welcoming performance was held on the square with a sculptures shaped as characters in "Journey to the West".


Bayanbulak Grassland: Tuerhute Mongolians build their promised land

In order to promote local features, a musical extravaganza called "Going back to the east" is held in a heritage village on the Bayanbulak Grassland every year, telling the history of how local residents built their home.


Populus euphratica in Luntai county: conserving the most beautiful trees

Most Chinese first encounter populus euphratica trees in their textbooks, in which the trees are praised for their strength and toughness, which enable them to survive any kinds of difficulties, setting an example for human beings when they face obstacles.


Stringing unique tune: Konghou concert held in Tarim Basin desert

“Across Loula” media tour made its third stop in Qiemo county in south eastern margin of Tarim Basin on August 14. A special concert was held for the first time ever in the desert: Konghou concert. According to public information, no such concert using this instrument and on this site has been held before.


Dedicated rangers preserve Altun mountain for wildlife

After 10 years of dedicated environmental protection, a balance has been struck between plants, animals and human beings here.Many experts describe it as a natural gene pool, which means great potential value for academic research and environmental protection.


Amazing Ruoqiang: ancient Silk Road city's best features

It's a place of strategic importance in the ancient Silk Roads, the meeting point for the Orient and Occident. The rich cultural heritage, including the ruins of the ancient city of Loulan within the county, gives this area a sense of mystery and romance. Let's have a look at some of the more attractive features of the county.

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