Combining readers' votes and the decisions of an expert panel, now we have a winners list in the "China in the Eyes of Foreign Teachers" competition. As a partner in this event, China Daily invites some of the winners to share their works and the stories they want to tell.
  • Nadezhda Pakulova / Russia

    Strolling through the quiet, tree-lined streets of Shamian Island in the heart of Guangzhou makes one believe in magic. It is as if you traveled to a distant place far from the bustling metropolis yet you are only steps away from the megacity.

  • Ryno Sauerman / South Africa

    What caught my attention more than anything was the beautiful traditional furniture in the complex, with this bright red and gold piece being a good example. In time, I hope to learn more about the art of traditional furniture making in China.

  • Celine Chong Shze Ling / Singapore

    A few years ago I met up with some of my former secondary school classmates who were doing business in Shanghai. One of the guys suggested we visit Kanas in Xinjiang as they still had some free time. Without hesitation we packed our bags and left the next day.

  • Rudolf Rainald Runge / Germany

    When we think of beautiful university campuses in China, most would not expect Fuzhou to be on the list. Last November I went to a class and when I walked past the lake next to one of our engineering faculty buildings, the beauty of this scenery struck me.

  • Nahiely Flores Fajardo / Mexico

    The past, present and future of the biggest country in the world combined in one instant in time. This little Chinese boy touched the tradition of his country with one hand while proudly clutching his national flag with the other.

  • Chandrasekaran Neelakandan / India

    To travel from one place to another has different purposes, people do not always travel to gain knowledge and experience, some travel for pleasure, some for business, but travelling is my passion.

  • Samuel Grunig / Switzerland

    China’s cities with their lights, sounds and diversity are a tantalizing experience for foreigners who usually get lost as soon as they step off their long-distance flights. I was no exception.

  • Fleur Fallon / Australia

    Not posing was a small girl sitting alone enjoying her breakfast noodles in the morning sunshine in historic Tangjia, hometown of Tang Shaoyi, the first premier of the Republic of China in 1912.

  • Raymond Ceferino Meris / Philippines

    Most would describe me as someone who would prefer to work in the faculty lounge than hang out with friends on a Friday night. When times get difficult and rough however, I often walk along the white sand beaches or hike the lush, verdant hills of Xiamen.

  • Yann Carpentier / France

    What better place near Shanghai than the “oriental Venice” of Suzhou and its surrounding villages? One weekend with my girlfriend we decided to go to Tongli.

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