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Returning migrant worker finds a way to boost local economy

By Song Jingyi ( Updated: 2016-08-07 13:35

Returning migrant worker finds a way to boost local economy

Ma Yi weaves a rattan chair in Loushanguan village located in Zunyi city of southwest China’s Guizhou province on August 5, 2016. [Photo/He Tong, provided to]

More migrant workers in southwest China’s Guizhou province plan to return to their rural hometown to start own business as the local government issued a series of supporting policies such as tax exemption, reduction in administration fees and business loan subsidy.

Ma Yi worked as a handicraft worker in a manufactory located in Foshan of Guangdong province in 2001, and like millions of migrant workers in China, he could only come and meet his family during traditional Chinese Spring Festival.

The situation has been changed for Ma since 2009. Relying on his years of hand-woven experience, he came back and ran his own business in his hometown in Lou Shanguan town of Zun Yi city in Guizhou province. "I found the tourism industry develops rapidly, so I came up with the idea to start up my own business in my hometown," recalled Ma Yi.

After Ma brought the hand-woven rattan craftsmanship to his homeland, many villagers in Lou Shanguan have also learned from him and began to make a living by making hand-made rattan furniture. The furniture made by them has been mainly sold to several provinces outside of Guizhou.

Following with the trend of internet business, Ma Yi also opened an online store with China biggest retainer platform early in this year. "I'm strongly confident about the future and my career. Hopefully, I will boost the development of local tourism industry rapidly, " Ma added.

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