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Tips for foreigners to get a job in China

( Updated: 2016-07-03 11:33

Michael Chan(UK)

Warning: things change VERY fast in China and my information may already be outdated!

Yes, it depends on the job nature. There is a work permit for "cultural and scientific personnel" (I got that one, the Expert Certificate, as I was a school administrator), one for reporters and one for other categories, the latter two with names that I am not too sure about.

The company is supposed to settle the permit. If they are unable to, they are actually legally not permitted to hire foreigners and you should not work for them.

For the Expert Certificate, you need at least a Bachelor's degree and 3 years of working experience. I am unclear about the rest.

Tips for foreigners to get a job in China

Visitors at the annual Beijing Job Fair for Foreigners held on April 16 by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. The fair attracted more than 70 companies, offering 1,000 vacancies. Organizers say foreigners with impressive academic credentials and professional qualifications are increasingly sought-after in the Chinese job market. Provided to China Daily

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