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Is tipping a mark of civilization?

( Updated: 2016-04-15 10:19

Editor's note: The question ”How much should we tip?” has always haunted Chinese tourists when travelling overseas, since tipping is not a common practice in the Chinese mainland. However, some Western local service staff will label Chinese tourists ill-manned or uncivilized if they don’t. Is it fair? Is tipping a mark of civilization? Forum readers share their opinions.

Mbursian (US)

Tipping (a gratuity) is very customary in the US for someone providing a personal service, such as a waitress orwaiter, a taxi driver, barber, hairdresser, pizza delivery guy, bartender and a hotel housekeeper. In the US it's considered a social custom and good etiquette to tip and 15-20 percent is the standard.

In China, I'm more accustomed to giving a red envelope, a bottle of baijiu or a carton of cigarettes to have a service considered or initiated ... rather than as a reward for a service already provided.

A mark of civilization? No.

Is tipping a mark of civilization?

A waitress carries beverages she’ll be serving tocustomers in Germany. [Photo/IC]

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