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Young and old reflect nobility of China

By Nahiely Flores Fajardo / Mexico ( Updated: 2015-04-30 16:42

Young and old reflect nobility of China
A little boy touches the clawed paw of a lion statue in Beijing’s Forbidden City.

The past, present and future of the biggest country in the world combined in one instant in time. This little Chinese boy touched the tradition of his country with one hand while proudly clutching his national flag with the other.

Having lived in Beijing for more than a year, I had waited several months for the perfect day to go to the Forbidden City where the Emperors built the future of China. Finally in September last year I found that day, sunny but not hot, neither humid neither dry, the perfect autumn day to discover the majesty of red and golden colors under a wonderful blue sky. Walking in China, one of the most interesting things I have found has been seeing babies and little children as well as old people, all of them reflecting the nobility and strength of Chinese society and culture.


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