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Is college worth it?

( Updated: 2014-12-04 08:10

msacks (US)

College is for some people; it's not for all. We've been brainwashed that the only way to be successful is to go to college, and that degrees translate into success. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or other fields that require degrees go for it. My first 2.5 years of work experience helped me 1,000 times more than my 5 years of college getting my bachelor's and master's degree. But if you really are a self-motivated, self-directed worker, college can be a hindrance rather than a help.

Is college worth it?

Diao Hanjing talks on the phone at her squid barbecue eatery in Chengdu, Sichuan province, Oct 11, 2013. Diao, a student at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, became an Internet celebrity following reports she can earn roughly 100,000 yuan ($16,420) a month, an income most college graduates can only dream about. [Photo/]

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