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Israel to loan China $300m in water saving

[2012-03-01 10:17]

Israel is to loan China $300 million for high-tech water-saving agricultural projects, according to an agreement signed Wednesday by both countries' finance ministers.

Govt raises record funds to save water

[2012-01-31 10:51]

China will continue to increase its investment in water conservation infrastructure to ensure grain security, protect water resources, promote the well-being of people and mitigate damage from disasters.

China to invest 38b yuan in water-efficient farming

[2012-06-27 09:52]

Chinese authorities will create a fund worth 38 billion yuan ($1.27 billion) by 2015 to develop water-efficient farms.

Climate change 'takes toll' on grain harvest

[2010-11-05 13:59]

Climate change will trigger a drop in China's grain harvest over the next few decades and threaten food security, Tang Huajun, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, warns. He also said a 5 to 10 percent crop loss is foreseeable by 2030 if climate change continues.

VP calls more afforestation for a greener China

[2010-09-28 14:09]

Chinese Vice-premier Hui Liangyu Monday called for increased efforts to push forward the nation's afforestation, in a bid to build a greener country.

Agro income grows as farms go 'green'

[2010-06-07 07:57]

Even with one of the world's largest expanses of fertile black soil, Heilongjiang was long known as "the vast wild land in the north", sparse in population and limited in agriculture.

China to tackle climate change challenges to agriculture

[2010-01-18 11:17]

As climate change poses a great challenge to China's agricultural sector, the government and farmers should tackle it in a scientific and systematic way, Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture Niu Dun said in an interview.

China channels 1b-yuan green fund to rural areas

[2009-07-30 11:40]

Money from a 1 billion yuan ($146 million) fund is being distributed to 1,370 villages in China to remedy environmental problems and reward good practices, said the Ministry of Environment Protection Wednesday.

Greenpeace: Climate change threatens food safety

[2008-10-16 07:51]

China is likely to face inadequate food supply by 2030 if the current climate change trend continues, warns a new Greenpeace report released Wednesday.

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