South Boston Yoga

As a commitment to my health, one of my major new year’s resolutions was to go to a yoga class once a week. After checking out a class at my gym, Prana Power Yoga, I finally tried South Boston Yoga. The studio recently upgraded to a larger space, located right across the street from the Broadway Red Line T stop. The studio is relatively convenient for me, located on the opposite edge of my neighborhood and a 15 minute walk from my office. I opted to try the Hot Yoga class, in hopes that I would up my chances to avoid injuries this summer. I absolutely LOVED the class.

Below are a few quick pros and cons:


  • Amazingly convenient, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
  • Great showers, changing areas, bathrooms, they were really clean and modern
  • Lockers, again, thank you!
  • Great instructors
  • Free class for first time visitors
  • If you bring a friend (who is visiting for their first time) you get a free class and so do they!
  • Absolutely NO attitude!! I loved how laid back and relaxed the staff and class goers were


  • The hot yoga room isn’t truly hot yoga. The room is warm, but it’s not to the same temperature as traditional hot yoga. The studio is still working out the details since their move in September, so this should be changing soon

That’s it for a con, and it’s not a bad thing! I look forward to visiting South Boston Yoga once a week to stay injury free! Hoooray!

South Boston Yoga is located at 36 West Broadway Boston, MA 02127


Prana Power Yoga: Class Review

There used to be a time when I laughed at people that were obsessed with yoga. I couldn’t fathom doing a “work out” that didn’t include challenging myself to get from point A to Point B in the fastest way possible. However, while training for the 2008 ING NYC Marathon I incorporated yoga into my training to help with injury prevention at the recommendation of some very seasoned marathoners. I found great results with this and avoided injuring myself during the four months of training. In addition, I found it to be a great stress release, and it also provided a great counter balance to the impact on my muscles and joints from running.

When I would tell people I went to yoga class once a week, they would instantly ask “Oh, do you do Hot Yoga?” I would said “Hmm, no…I tend to sweat a lot as is, so I think I will stick to normal yoga…” they would usually go on and on about how much they loved their hot yoga studio and how great it was. I would usually hear this resounding endorsement for a number of studios throughout the Boston area a few times a week. However, even the most enthusiastic story had me shaking in my boots. I still feared that I would pass out, throw up, or just disgust my fellow yogis by my intense sweating.

Fast forward a few years and multiple nagging injuries, and I was ready to tip a toe into the hot yoga pool. What really tipped the scale and made me try it was my friend Katy telling me that she went 1-2 times per week and absolutely loved it. The thought of having a buddy with me that wouldn’t judge me, eased my anxiety. When she asked me about it a couple times, I caved. I’ve done some BRUTAL workouts before, being extremely hot and holding yoga poses can’t be that bad…right?!

Katy and I made plans to meet at Prana Power Yoga at their Newton Corner location, which was located directly off the Mass Pike making for a very convenient drive from the city. There was also a street parking lot located across from the studio which is available for non residents anytime after 6pm, phew!

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