Bringing Zen to the workplace? It’s worth a shot.

yoga_at_workLast week the human resources department at my agency sent out an email stating that they would be offering yoga classes in the work place-for free! These classes, which are set to happen on Thursdays, are going to be taught by a former human resources employee that has an extensive yoga resume. My first reaction was, this is awesome! I am constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed by work, so the fact that I can get my stretch on without leaving the building is a pretty cool concept.

I did a brief google search and I found an article on Yoga in the Workplace, which told me much of what I had already hypothesized, yoga in the work place = happier, healthier employees. The article states, “As per recent studies, it has the ability to reduce the number of sick days in the workplace and recuperate the overall health of people who practice yoga. It also helps in lowering health care costs”. I guess everything does always have to go back to the bottom line. Less health care costs means savings for the company and therefore more efficient workers! That aside, given the current economic and subsequent emotional toll that we are all endure on a daily basis, I can’t think of a better time to implement yoga in a work setting.

I personally haven’t done yoga since the end of October. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because Christmas time was around the corner and I had to allocate those dollars towards gifts. Silly capitalist twist on a Christian holiday interfering with my chi. Never fear, thanks to Hill Holliday my four month hiatus in the yoga circuit ends Thursday when I will join 19 of my other coworkers by taking part in yoga class in our client presentation room at Hill Holliday. Granted, the location might make it a little tougher for me to put a work stressor out of my head, but it sure is a hell of a lot more convenient and cost effective.

Which leads me to two things: Does anyone else have yoga at their work place? I’m curious to see how they like it. And finally, look for full report on the inaugural HHCC yoga class on Friday morning.