Guest post: My first 5K

I’ve often said that running for the sake of running would be the cornerstone of my own personal hell (presuming the Devil serves individuals as opposed to a single fire-pit for everyone).

Recently, lacking the time to get to the gym and falling well out of shape, I resorted to putting myself through my own personal hell – I signed up for a 5K and began to run 2 miles a few times a week. This past weekend was the 5K and I convinced a couple friends to join me – we finished it in around 30 minutes – leisurely pace, but it was the longest I’ve ever run just for the sake of running.  And, as you can see below, I received a second place medal* for my efforts!
memorial day road race8

Well, after running for a few weeks I don’t like running, but I don’t hate it either.  And, I feel better in general – I’ve always been happier when exercising regularly.   I’ll never be running marathons like Kim does, but I am hoping to run another 5K or two this summer (or a 5.2 mile Brewery Race – for obvious reasons).

*Ok, so everyone got medals, but I did finish in 2nd place…in the 211-225 Clydesdale Open Division

Johnny Kelley Half Marathon: I Lived to Blog About It!

This past Sunday I met my fear of unpreparedness head on, I bravely ran 13.1 miles after a measly 2 weeks of training. I ran with my friend’s Steve and Michele, who I feared had been training extensively for the past few months-luckily they were in the same boat as me! So, when the gun went off to signal the beginning of the race we agreed to go at a leisurely 9 minute pace in order to not burn under trained selves out. Below is a photographic time line of the entire race along with comments:
memorial day road racesHere is the crew of runners! 1/2 marathoners along with the 5k crew!

Memorial day road race2Anddd, we’re off! The start of the Johnny Kelley Road race began at Ocean St in Hyannis and the first mile went directly down Main St, which I thought was a cool feature of the race.

Memorial day road race3 Greeting our cheering squad at mile 10. This was a great boost to what turned into a pretty boring race. I nervously asked if they had any water due to the lack of water stops, but Steve took it in his own hands to hydrate. He ran with the beer (pictured in foreground) for about 10 feet and took several gulps! What a champ.

Memorial day road race4 I guess the beer didn’t sit very well because Michele and I lost Steve around mile 11. Here we are finishing out the race in the last 100 yards-look at all that gas left in the tank!

Memorial day road race5 When we came to the finish line we realized we just barely missed being under 2 hours! Huge bummer, but at least we had a great time with it, it’s not everyday you finish 13 miler with a smile on your face!

Memorial day road race6 Johnny Kelley Half Marathon: Complete! This marks the completion of the first of many athletic adventures of 2009 for the three of us!

Looking back on the race, we didn’t break any records or win, but I think most of all we were just happy that we finished the race on a good note! When it comes to endurance races of any distance, the feeling you have while racing is the biggest take away. I wouldn’t say I was personally in my prime, but it felt pretty damn good considering how little I trained. Though I originally posted that I felt my NYC Marathon training was now lost and gone forever, I do have to disagree with my previous statement. I believe that the fact I have already run a FULL marathon gave me the mental edge to muster my way through the race. It also reconfirmed that I never want to take a gamble and under train for another race, especially the Marine Corps Marathon in October!

Now, I’m off to check out what race I can run next-any suggestions are greatly appreciated!