Safety on the Slopes – A Case for Helmets

When I first got back into skiing in ’09, I used to think that wearing a helmet wasn’t necessary for a slow poke like me. I thought that they were simply reserved for people who tore down the mountain, did tricks or liked skiing through glades. Since I was none of the above, I figured I was perfectly fine pizza pie-ing down the mountain sans helmet.

That was until I took a few falls while skiing last winter. This was in large part due to starting to challenge myself to start trying tougher terrain. You can’t improve without challenging yourself, so as I felt more comfortable I pushed the bar a bit. So I started to casually look into helmets and price them out online. Since I was still a casual skier, I felt like I didn’t want to pay $100 for a helmet, so I kept up the search for a good deal. Unable to find one, I decided perhaps renting a helmet to see which one I liked best might be a good solution.

I rented this little gem one weekend:

It was during that ski trip to Stowe Mountain Resort that one of my friends, who was a very experienced skier, took a bad fall by hitting a patch of ice shortly after getting off the chair lift. She was skiing at what was probably her slowest speed of the day, and with extreme caution because of the crowded trail. I wasn’t there when it happened, but her boyfriend told me that she hit a patch of ice, went flying straight forward and hit her head extremely hard on the packed ice. The fall was so hard that she had a gash in her helmet. She managed to get herself together and ski down the trail, head up the chair lift and visit ski patrol to get tested for a concussion. It wasn’t clear how many tests they ran on her, but they said she was OK to ski for the rest of the day, but she ended up calling it quits early because of a headache and a sore neck. That’s what really sealed the deal on buying a helmet.

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Ibex Winter Warming Party

This past Thursday I attended the Ibex Boston Grand Opening “Winter Warming” party. The party was a huge hit and a great time had by all. I first heard about Ibex from my brother and sister in law, who live in VT and absolutely love the brand for all of their various outdoor adventures, running, hiking, skiing, you name it! So when I saw the grand opening event on facebook I immediately RSVP’ed!

Ally, Lizzy and Rob

The new Ibex Boston store is located at 303 Newbury street, a great location for such a fun outdoor brand! I loved checking out the awesome clothes and catching up with old friends and making new ones. I bumped into Rob from @Bostonoutdoor and introduced him to Lizzy @Foodtorunfor. In addition I met the legendary @Bostontweet and the uber-outgoing Sarah from @Boloco. In addition I got to see my friend Sarah and meet her future mother in law!

Packed house!

Ibex gave party goers a 20% discount off of merchandise as well as a chance to win a weekend at the Stowe Mountain Resort and a $500 Ibex shopping spree. Of course I signed up immediately and I am still waiting with bated breathe to hear who won! As if that wasn’t enough, they had delicious VT beers from Longtrail and Magic Hat breweries, spiked apple cider, pizza from American Flatbread and some delicious sweet treats!

Sarah and the store manager!

I miss you Lizzy!

The only downside to this party? It was so fun that I ended up not being able to try on any of their great work out gear! @Bostonoutdoor recommended that I try the Shak hoody (pictured above), apparently it’s great for cold weather running and skiing! I’ve heard awesome things about their yoga and running tights as well, so I will surely be returning!

Thank you to the whole Ibex Boston team for putting on an awesome event!