New Take On An Old Favorite: The Gel Nimbus 12

Last year I wrote a product review on my favorite pair of running shoes, and now I’m here to refresh that post with the new arrival of my Gel Nimbus 12’s. I bought them at Marathon Sports when I was picking up my number for the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon. A note in a registration email noted that if I showed the team at Marathon Sports my bib # I would save 20%, woo! I’ve been toying for quite some time with the idea of buying two shoes and rotating them, so with the emergence of the coupon, I took the plunge.

When the woman helping me brought out the shoes, I was really happy that they were a different color than my previous countless pairs. I know it’s silly, but sometimes the little things make the difference! I personally love that moment when you put on a new pair of running shoes, you feel as though your feet are encased in pillows (I’m stealing this phrase from my boyfriend, who has been known to say this after taking off ski boots), besides, they have that wonderful new shoe smell :). After I walked around for a second the woman said to me, how do they feel?! I, of course, said fantastic. I noticed that she was holding back a little bit, and she finally said “those are actually a 9, not an 8.5” OH. “We’ve found that this model is running short and everyone has been sizing up.” I got nervous for a second because I’ve been wearing the same size running shoes for years, but I trusted the woman helping me and said, ok I’m in!

After I bonded with my new shoes for a few days, I went on the Asics website and I saw this video about the new design, because I was curious to find out what elements caused the shoe to run short. After checking the website, it made me very happy that I sized up. It sounds like the little tweaks that they made to the shoe helped increase the cushioning and the shoe’s overall hold on the foot. It seems like a lot of technical aspects that I personally don’t understand, nor do I really care, but I’m happy that the knowledgeable staff at Marathon Sports had the experience and foresight to put me in a size larger. This just reaffirms my love for this fantastic running store, thank you Marathon Sports!

I’ve only run in them a few times, but so far, so good! Since Chicago Marathon training officially kicks off on June 7th, and my legs have been tight following the brutal Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon, I’ve been resting my legs and just doing cross training, so I haven’t gone on a run longer than 3.5 mile runs, but they feel fantastic! All in all, it feels great to have a new shoe, and I’m hoping that rotating the two pairs will help reduce the amount of times I have to replace them, as well as reduce injury. Fingers crossed!

The Asics Gel Nimbus 12 retails for $125 and is available in running stores near you. If you live in Boston, or happen to be visiting, check out Marathon Sports in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge,¬†Wellesley, Melrose and Norwell. They’re even on twitter @marathon_sports.