Help Wanted…

with my new marathon training plan!

On July 31st 2011 I will run the San Francisco Marathon and I am beyond thrilled. I know that this race won’t be a PR race, but rather I am looking forward to getting back to what I love about running and enjoying the amazing scenery along the way. I’ve always toyed around with Hal Higdon‘s marathon training programs, many times tweaking it with the advice of friends and fellow marathoners. This time, I think I’ll take a step away from my good friend Hal and put together my own plan. But first, I need your help!

Seeing as how I picked up running after graduating college and I’ve never run with a team, I don’t have the best knowledge when it comes to different training strategies. Ok, compared to most of you, I really don’t know ANYTHING, so I am all ears! I’ve also been prone to injury over the past few years, so I’m looking forward to having a injury free training cycle and a successful race on July 31st.

Plan Considerations:

  1. Hill Work – This is an absolute must, I am going to work in hills to my long runs as well as attempt hill repeats (gulp)
  2. Spacing out Runs – When I asked Aron for advice on a training plan for SF she pointed out that I should consider avoiding back to back days to reduce the wear and tear on my body and likelihood of injury.
  3. Yoga – I’m terrible with stretching, so incorporating this into my weekly routine has always helped me, so I’m going to stick with it
  4. Speed Work – I’m forcing myself to do one speed workout a week, I truly feel that this will be a huge differentiator
  5. Cross Training – Prior to signing up for the SF Marathon I vowed to get back to my swimming roots and try a few sprint triathlons, so I signed up for two this summer. Marathon training will be my primary focus, but I think cross training could be a great chance to mix it up and help reduce burn out

So, here it is! I plan on playing around with this a bit before I make a “final” plan (I say that loosely, as training plans are never set in stone!) I’m definitely feeling a little nervous about this, so please let me know any tips or ideas that you have for me 🙂

So, what do you think? What are your marathon training tips for me?