Say Good Bye to those Tight IT Bands: Welcome, Thera Roller!

I won’t bore you AGAIN with the details of my Marine Corps Marathon melt down, but I am writing today because it ended up helping me out! A few weeks ago Marathon Sports posted a tweet asking for everyone’s Best and Worst IT band stories. The incentive? The winner would receive a brand new Thera Roller! I immediately tweeted my MCM story to enter me in the running. Apparently not many other people wanted to fess up about their IT band problems, or maybe the man populating their twitter feed felt bad for me, because I won! A few days later I received a gigantic box in my office and low and behold, it was the Thera Roller!

Bonding with my Thera Roller in my office

As you can tell, I’m SUPER excited about winning the new, super fancy, and extremely Purple foam roller. I must admit the groves had me somewhat intimidated, yet excited at the same time! For those who aren’t familar with foam rollers, the benefits far out weight the temporary pain one must endure while using one. The benefits are similar to a deep tissue massage, alleviating pain and increasing flexibility. By rolling back and forth on an area that is sore, the roller works to target tense, tight muscles. The absolute best is when you find a sore or tight spot, to pause for a moment to ensure that it is receiving the most attention. The Thera Roller differs from standard foam rollers because the grooves only intensify the results from using the roller. This move makes me absolutely writhe in pain, but the final outcome is 100% worth it! When I put my running shoes on for a run ( no matter how long), I always feel as though the pain and suffering from the previous day’s run has been (nearly) completely erased. This is best to do on a regular basis in order to avoid any IT band pit falls while training or in my case, in the middle of a race!

Thank you to Marathon Sports for the Thera Roller! Now, I never have an excuse for any IT band problems in the future 🙂 If you live in Boston or, you are visiting town for a little race on April 19th be sure to check out Marathon Sports many Boston locations, as well as on Twitter @marathon_sports. It’s a great store with a FANTASTIC staff, I can’t say enough about them. For more information on how to use a foam roller to best address your own running or exercise injuries please check out this Runner’s World article.