Prana Power Yoga: Class Review

There used to be a time when I laughed at people that were obsessed with yoga. I couldn’t fathom doing a “work out” that didn’t include challenging myself to get from point A to Point B in the fastest way possible. However, while training for the 2008 ING NYC Marathon I incorporated yoga into my training to help with injury prevention at the recommendation of some very seasoned marathoners. I found great results with this and avoided injuring myself during the four months of training. In addition, I found it to be a great stress release, and it also provided a great counter balance to the impact on my muscles and joints from running.

When I would tell people I went to yoga class once a week, they would instantly ask “Oh, do you do Hot Yoga?” I would said “Hmm, no…I tend to sweat a lot as is, so I think I will stick to normal yoga…” they would usually go on and on about how much they loved their hot yoga studio and how great it was. I would usually hear this resounding endorsement for a number of studios throughout the Boston area a few times a week. However, even the most enthusiastic story had me shaking in my boots. I still feared that I would pass out, throw up, or just disgust my fellow yogis by my intense sweating.

Fast forward a few years and multiple nagging injuries, and I was ready to tip a toe into the hot yoga pool. What really tipped the scale and made me try it was my friend Katy telling me that she went 1-2 times per week and absolutely loved it. The thought of having a buddy with me that wouldn’t judge me, eased my anxiety. When she asked me about it a couple times, I caved. I’ve done some BRUTAL workouts before, being extremely hot and holding yoga poses can’t be that bad…right?!

Katy and I made plans to meet at Prana Power Yoga at their Newton Corner location, which was located directly off the Mass Pike making for a very convenient drive from the city. There was also a street parking lot located across from the studio which is available for non residents anytime after 6pm, phew!

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