Favorite Hat: Found!

This morning I peeled myself out of bed, started rummaging around in my closet when I made a major discovery. I screamed & jumped up and down, YESSS! After a week of separation I found my sacred LIVESTRONG Bright Yellow Running hat.

This hat is my personal favorite for the technical aspects, but most importantly, it has been with me when I started my journey with running marathons. The thought of losing my trusty hat left me feeling panicked.

Foxy bought me the hat at Niketown in Boston prior to the 2008 ING NYC Marathon which I ran for LIVESTRONG foundation in honor of a recently deceased friend. I brought the hat with me to NYC & ran 26.2 miles in what was one of the most exciting days of my life.

The hat has been through the GOOD in…

Mile 24 in NYC! The hat was great for my spectators, who had no problem spotting me in that crowds of New York

Johnny Kelley Half Marathon, 2009 (Also Foxy’s First 5k)

Post Corporate Challenge 2009

And the BAD

Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon – Neon Shirt + Bright Yellow hat = Running outfit fail

Marine Corps Marathon, worst.race.ever

When the hat was lost I ordered a hot pink 26.2 Headsweats hat, I’m excited for this new addition, but nothing will ever compare to my love for my ratty, smelly & memory laden yellow LIVESTRONG hat.


Do you have a running accessory that you simply can’t part with regardless of how old & sweaty it might be?