Returning to the pool

Blodgett Pool-Harvard UniversityOn Saturday January 10th I officially returned to the pool. Swimmykimy is BACK!

I finally took the bull by the horns and tried out Cambridge Masters Swimming, and much like I expected, it was amazing. The facility the club primarily trains in is Blodgett Pool, the aquatic complex at Harvard University. The pool is spacious, but a bit old and worn around the edges, but I absolutely love it. My swim team growing up also used this facility, so I have nothing but fond memories for the complex. When I say fond memories, I actually felt goosebumps walking onto the pool deck! They covered my body as I took in all of the sights of the pool, and as the wonderful aroma of chlorine filled my nostrils; feelings only a true swimmer could identify as a “normal reaction”.

I walked straight up to the coach and introduced myself, and he enthusiastically explained warm up and the lane break down. His energy and love of the water was infectious, and I instantly knew this would be a great experience. As I jumped into the pool to start warm up (400 easy/loosen up, 4 x 100’s easy, 4 x 50’s build on :50) I felt like I was 12 again. Except this time in a much older, rustier body. Yet, my love affair for the water will never go away. The team finished up warm ups and dove straight into a full practice. In some sets, I cut through the water with ease and in others, I struggled through what seemed like the longest swim known to man (particularly with pulling, never my forte.) Near the end of the practice, my endurance had taken a major blow, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! I knew it, I was hooked.

Nothing compares to the rush of returning to the sport you fell in love with as a kid. Everyone has a different reaction, but the special place that sport holds can not be replaced by anything else, no matter how hard we may try amidst our adult lives. I am so fortunate that I can return to the water, as rusty as I am, and hold my own while maintaining a goofy smile on my face. Don’t worry, I will still run through the winter to maintain my running endurance base, primarily to help train for triathlons and other road races this spring. This change in my exercise plan is coming at the perfect time to help me wet my pallet for a different exercise endeavor, while allowing me to still enjoy my newest athletic love, running.


Information on Cambridge Master’s Swim Club can be found at