Boston Triathlon Team, New Member Application Deadline November 8!

This past year, I was accepted onto the Boston Triathlon Team and I was very proud to race in the blue and green this season! BTT has proved to be an excellent group of likeminded triathletes and friends. I have learned so much from fellow teammates about the sport of triathlon, enjoyed the team camaraderie during events, the support of teammates during an injury or difficult time and last but not least, the post-race celebrations! We are certainly a team that likes to work hard and also have fun. We are sponsored by not one, but two alcoholic beverage companies, after all!


Do you live in Boston? Are you interested in joining BTT? Feel free to shoot me a note or comment with any questions! You can find the new member application here: BTT Membership Application 2015 Template-1

BTT is now accepting new membership applications through November 8, 2014 for the 2015 season. Please complete the attached form and EMAIL your completed application to Kelwin Conroy at

Here is the skinny on the rules:

Active Members must be residents of the Commonwealth of MA on January 1 of the year they first join the team. Active Members must also at least twenty one (21) years of age.

Active Members must participate in a minimum of 4 events per year, wear the 2015 race jersey while racing, and record their race results on the BTT website. These 4 events must include:
1. – at least one complete triathlon (relays do not count)

2. – one official BTT volunteer event

3. -one additional competitive race (any multisport race, single sport race, or relay in a multisport)

4. -your choice of any of the above

If you do not fulfill the minimum requirements during your first year on the team you must re-apply for the team the following calendar year. Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances are at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Active members are required to wear a current BTT race top when racing in a multi-sport event and to the extent possible, when volunteering for BTT. (Your membership fee includes a uniform stipend.) Our sponsors provide funding in exchange for advertising. As a team member, you are representing these sponsors by honoring a commitment to display their logos while racing and to the extent possible, when training or volunteering.

*A “triathlon” shall be defined as a competitive race that includes a swim, bike and run. In the event that a triathlon is modified by the race director due to weather or other safety concern, the Active member will be viewed as fulfilling his/her triathlon requirement as long as the member completes the modified race.
* “Volunteering” shall be defined as participation as a volunteer at an activity sponsored by BTT and provides race support to the race director or to a charitable or civic event.
* An “additional competitive race” shall be defined as any competitive sport event/race, such as running, road biking, mountain biking, swimming, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing.
* “Competitive race” shall be defined as any single sport competitive race event, including but not limited to running, road biking, mountain biking, swimming, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing. A relay in any type of race is also acceptable.
* BTT Race Top Requirement refers to the current year’s BTT race top showing the current year’s sponsors.


Three Things Thursday

Howdy folks! I know I’ve been a bit of a recluse lately, and I vow to change that! Life has just been a bit busy lately with work, wedding season, summer gatherings and it’s been tough to keep up! I’m also nursing a hip injury that has left me wanting to stay silent rather than broadcasting my injury to the world. Luckily it’s on the mend. I’m currently in the middle of a ridiculous week, and I thought rocking a “Three Things Thursday” Post might be in order.

1. My Five year college reunion is this weekend! I seriously can’t believe it’s already been 5 years, where did the time go? It feels like yesterday that I was competing with my swim team, drinking Natty Light at frat parties, and enjoying having all of my close friends within a stones throw away.

Ahh, theme parties...

Now we are all scattered throughout the globe, busy working hard in our respective professional careers and setting goals for post collegiate athletics! I’m so excited to see my good friends, live it up in the dorms like it’s 2002-2006 and relive old memories. I wouldn’t be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous of sadness once I leave and realize I only see these amazing people a handful of times a year. But none of that now! Luckily this girl is on the train to positive & awesomeville I will 100% be enjoying all of the amazing events that reliving ones college days entail! Did you recently go to a college reunion? Was it everything you imagined it would be?!

2. The Hip. Luckily, my hip seems to be on the mend. Jake Kennedy at Kennedy Brothers has been fantastic, and thank you so much to Lizzy for putting me in touch with him! Luckily I was able to run the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge without any pain and a 10 mile run two days later without any pain – FIST PUMP!

I am looking forward to being able to return to hills shortly and hopefully not compromise any of my SFM training in the brief break I had to take to let the bursitis calm down.

3. NYC. I’m taking a brief trip to NYC today for an all day training session which meant a 4:45am alarm and a busy day ahead. Luckily the Acela has Wi-Fi and some pretty scenery.

to make up for some snoring passengers…

Luckily I have something really fun to look forward to: the Sox vs the Yankees at Yankee Stadium tonight! Then it’s back to Boston for a few hours of work and then it’s REUNION TIME!

How has your week been? I apologize in advance for posting comments to blog posts from 2+ weeks ago, I need to catch up on everyone’s lives 🙂

Running with Lizzy in Beautiful Boston

Since my nagging injury sidelined me from training for five weeks I haven’t been able to run with one of my favorite running buddies, Lizzy. I’ve mentioned Lizzy before in my blog, but for those who don’t know about her, she is my coworker and also the writer of Food to Run For, where she writes about her adventures in the kitchen and out on the pavement. Liz and I share a lot in common, and I thoroughly enjoy running with her whenever we can squeeze it into our hectic schedules.

Here is the link for the route that we ran, pretty self explanatory! Morning Charles River Route! Find more Runs in Boston, Massachusetts

This morning we decided to partake in a morning run instead of a lunch time run, so we didn’t feel the stress of work hanging over our heads. I brought my camera with me since it was such a picture perfect day, so check out the photos below and ENJOY!

capturing some moments pre run in our office before the day starts

And another where you can actually see our faces!

Lizzy running through Downtown Crossing

Park Street Church and Boston Common in the distance

Me running by the Massachusetts State House

Beacon Hill

Doesn't it look like a shot from Good Will Hunting?

Running around the Finger islands

Lizzy on the Harvard Bridge!

And of course me

Boston from the Cambridge side of the Charles

Beautiful Boston

Taking in the view of Downtown

Heading over the Salt & Pepper bridge back to Bean town

Almost there!

Back to 53 State and time to start our days!

Sprint Your Halls Off: Hill Holliday Edition

My company was lucky enough to be challenged by the Puma Running team in the “Sprint Your Halls Off” challenge. A crew of 18 brave Hill Holliday employees took to the halls of 53 State St to fearlessly defend the HHCC identity. Though we fell short of the blazing fast defending Google, we held our own. Quick Question PUMA, are there points for style while completing a Dunkin’ Run?

Please watch the video below, I’m lucky to work at a kickass company that let’s us take an hour of our day to run around and then celebrate with a beer. I was at the office until 8pm that night, but it was 100% worth it. All of the participants and spectators had a blast and got to know one another.

Thanks to Johnny Won for making it happen–you rock!


The Flickr feed and recap


Race Schedule: Road races, triathlons, and Marathons

I thought it might be cool to keep a running list of running events that Kate and I were considering participating in. Please leave any and all comments that you might have about each race!

February 21: Hyannis Half Marathon. Kate will be doing the honors on this one! Wish her best of luck during this cold and blustery race!

April 5th: Marathon Sports City Run 5 Miler, Cambridge, MA- why not? No web site currently

May 25th The Boston Run to Remember, Boston, MA. I’ve heard this is a great race, very flat and scenic-two things I love in road races!

June and July Hyannis I Sprint Triathlon,Craigville Beach-Because I’ve been talking about this one for years! Falmouth Sprint Triathlon

August 9th CINGA Falmouth Road Race, Falmouth, MA-Last year I swore I would never run this again because the hills and the intense heat. Yup, I’m crazy!

October 25: Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA. Any thoughts or suggestions on this one?