Reflecting on 2010 and Goals for 2011

2010 – In a Nutshell

The year started off on a high note, I visited my best friend from high school in Panama and saw her life in the Peace Corps! While we were at it, we saw four great areas of Panama: The eclectic mix of cultures in Panama City, the fun laid back surfer vibe of Bocas Del Toro, the beautiful mountains and coffee farms of Boquete, and the pristine unspoiled waters of San Blas Islands.

Red Frog Beach, Isla Bastimentos, Panama

We returned relaxed, a bit sunburned, and with a better appreciation for everything that we have and all of the work Kaitlin was doing in her village.

Kaitlin talking to her Neighbors at her Peace Corps site

Last winter we were able to go skiing several times and had a blast doing it! We even tried snow shoeing and it’s something we look forward to adding to our list of winter hobbies.

Picture perfect day at Stowe Mountain Resort

Celebrated two Years with Rob in February 🙂

Visited my friends Courtney and Dave in Colorado and finally had my first experience skiing in powder.  I even was able to help Courtney shop for her wedding gown, that she ended up purchasing

Skiing at A-Basin in CO

Cheered one of my best friends on in the 2010 Boston Marathon, such an amazing experience. So proud of Noel!

Noel & Me, so proud of her!

Hosted a legendary Kentucky Derby Party with friends, where we raised $200 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Next year we’re going for more!

Wooster Alums celebrating the Derby

Had to put down my beloved childhood “puppy” Bonnie Jean, marking the end of dogs in my family’s house for the first time since 1993 🙁

RIP Bonnie Jean

Celebrated SEVERAL friend’s weddings, in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Cape Cod, Delaware and Colorado!

Courtney & Dave's Wedding in Colorado with good swimming friends from college

Inbetween all of the weddings we were able to fit in some beach weekends and a trip to see Jimmy Buffett, always a highlight of summer…

Tailgated at Buffett with my mother, her friend Maureen and my boyfriend Rob 🙂

I injured my knee, which took longer than I anticipated to recover from, and eventually dropped out of the 2010 Chicago Marathon 🙁 But I was able to run the Falmouth Road Race! Note to self, MORE YOGA!

FRR 2010

In a matter of a few weeks this fall, I got a new job and a new apartment!

One of the biggest highlights of 2010 was re-establishing a relationship with one of my longest friends, Katy. After a few years of not speaking over things that are now far behind us, it’s been great having her wonderful outlook and thoughtful personality back in my life again. I’ve loved reminiscing over old stories and catching up on our current lives. Plus, she and I landed new jobs within a week of one another, and now she is working for the American Cancer Society New England DetermiNation program. The fit is absolutely perfect for her, and I am beyond thrilled! She has enlisted me as a mentor for the Hyannis Half and Full Marathon, which I am looking forward to helping charity runners through the trials and tribulations of training for an endurance event and fund raising.

Circa 1996, Katy, her little sister Chrissy and me with my dogs Rory and Bonnie

Finally, in the beginning of December my best friend from high school, Kaitlin, Returned back from Panama! We celebrated her return with her entire family and friends, and enjoyed (probably a little too much) Christmas cheer. It’s so wonderful to have Katy and Kaitlin back in my life, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed them!

Kaitlin, Katy & Me at an XMas Party In December

So what can I say, it has certainly been an interesting year with several ups and downs, but I have to say, all in all life is good. I’m looking forward to an even better 2011!

Goals for 2011

This year I’m *planning* on taking the year off from running a marathon and focusing on doing a lot more 5-10k’s, 10 milers, half marathons and triathlons. It will be tough, and there will certainly be temptations to sign up for a full 26.2, but I’m sticking to my guns! Hopefully that will help me get the fire back to run another full marathon in hopes that I can have an experience similar to my first marathon, the ING NYC Marathon in 2008. In addition to working out, I’m hoping to spend as much time with friends and get down to my mom’s house on the cape as much as possible 🙂

  1. Only run shorter races – This year I’ve made the conscious decision NOT to run a marathon. Last year that decision was made for me, which was heartbreaking, but I’m moving on. I’m going to focus on 5-10k’s, triathlons and half marathons.
  2. More Yoga –  in 2011, I’m going to make every effort to go at least once a week in order to reduce injury and help work on my core
  3. More morning gym work outs – This also goes hand in hand with #4…
  4. Get More Sleep – So then I can’t hit that snooze button and skip the gym!
  5. Renewed focus on Healthy Eating and Portion Control– Easier said than done, but this is always a challenge!
  6. More time at the Cape!– It is my happy place, after all 🙂

What was your favorite moment of 2010? What are your goals for 2011?