I’m Kim, I’m a Boston girl through and through. I love all things New England.

Kim Sox

The history, mountains, but most of all, beaches & being near the water. Rarely do I  go a day without seeing or smelling the ocean.  I’m lucky to call this amazing part of the country my home. I married my best friend on September 1, 2012 and we are enjoying our lives as husband and wife!

Wedding Photo Beach

I have always loved the water and have loved swimming since an early age

After graduating from college, I learned to love running


 now I’m learning to love the sport of cycling (any and all help is welcome)  

I used to write a blog on just running, until I realized I am completely obsessed with the sport of triathlon.

In 2013 I completed my first Half Iron Distance (70.3) triathlon and in 2016, I have stepped up to train for my first full ironman (140.6) at Ironman Lake Placid July 24, 2016.

This blog is a chance for me to share my training and racing experiences, recipes, life events, class & product reviews and make new friends.

If you have a question or need to get in contact with me for any reason, shoot me an email at swimmykimy@gmail.com or find me on Instagram.

P.S. The views and opinions expressed by this blog do not represent my employer, they are purely personal.