Happy Friday and Congratulations to Ray Allen

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or was this week pretty painfully long? In keeping with the spirit of reaching this weekend quicker, I’m going to list out some noteable things that happened this week:

1) Duke beat UNC. All was right in Foxy’s world. (SIDE NOTE: I was brought up to HATE Duke because some of my family members went to Georgetown University. However, since Foxy is a Duke Alum, he has slowly transitioned me from called them “Puke” to actually rooting for them. So Yes, now I am a Duke fan)

2)A Body was found washed ashore on the road where I walk to my gym…apparently my awful walk Tuesday night could have been significantly worse.

3)I went for a run after work and legitimately thought I was getting frostbite in my hands. Note to self, bundle up! Even though I was crying from the pain, it felt nice to detach myself from the confines of the treadmill. Added Bonus: An absolutely amazing sunset

4)Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller’s 3 Point Scoring Record shooting 2,561 3’s. NUTS. Ray, Ray, we salute you!


5) Today is my good friend Courtney‘s Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Court 🙂

6) Boston survived a whole work week without a blizzard and some snow banks actually melted – HOORAY!

I’m looking forward to a great weekend of skiing, some yoga, solid time at the gym and organizing my apartment!

What is everyone doing this weekend? How are you dealing with the Cold?


  1. Emily says

    Let’s Go Duke!

    I’ve never heard of a Hoya fan converting — but that makes my day. [I’m a lifelong Blue Devil…]

    Also, that sunset is unbelieveable 🙂

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