Gym Rage

I apologize in advance for this being an extremely long, rambling post…If you’re not a fan of whining or self deprecating humor, I suggest you exit now…

My routine for getting to the gym this winter has been a bit interesting, but last night’s journey definitely takes the cake.

The actual mileage between my office and the gym isn’t far, roughly 1.2 miles

So, on nice days OR days when the buses are experiencing delays, I walk. Otherwise, I pay $1.25 for the bus to take me a few stops to avoid completely freezing to death, and then walk the remainder of the distance down Pappas way to my gym. A small price for warmth! For the most part, both of these options have been treating me well.

However, last night I decided that this winter had made me tough, and opted to walk the entire way to the gym rather than catch the bus. BAD IDEA. It started out chilly, and I just repeated positive thoughts to myself to keep me from going nuts. Then, when walking past the Boston Convention Center, the wind was so strong I seriously thought I was going to blow away. BOO WINTER! I tightened my hood on my sleeping bag coat, and trudged on.

This isn't my coat, but I really wish it was

Then, I reached a cross roads. There is a small section (probably 20-30 feet) RIGHT before the turn onto the road my gym is on that is one gigantic snow pile. Yup, no cross walk available. FML for walkers like myself who risk their life to oncoming traffic due to this major safety hazard.

So, do I risk my life walking in the road? OR, do I try to get crafty and find a quicker, non-life threatening route? Feeling crafty, I opted to blaze an urban trail and find a new route.

I started walking down a road (with no sign, that should have been my first red flag) that looked to run parallel to the road that my gym is located on. Sweet! I will just walk down this sketchy road and find a place to cross over to the other street. That seemed like a great idea until I looked up and saw a huge fence and barbed wire. Uh oh… At this point I was so far in that I was desperate for a solution. I kept on walking, all the while hoping and praying for a break in the fence or a connection to the other road. Nope, nothing. And the deeper that I walked, the more and more sketchy the area became. On a scale of 1 – 10 of sketchiness, it was certainly a 10.

Taken from Google Street View, creeeepy

Picture one of those creepy empty industrial park scenes in The Departed (Side note, I’ve never seen this movie because I really can’t stand watching violence, so my comparison probably isn’t very accurate) where they would take people to mortally wound or kill people. To top it off, it was horribly icy and windy, so if I fell there would be no one to help me.Wah, wah, oh woe is me…

Luckily, it’s 2011 and I own a cell phone and so does my boyfriend. Cue boyfriend Foxy, to the rescue! After a frantic call my boyfriend drove the 2 minutes down the street to find me and after several calls and back and forth, we finally found one another. Hooray!! Feeling crabby but thankful for my ride, I hoped in Foxy’s car and made the ultra quick drive to the gym. I was frozen, but delighted to finally be on my way.That whole 1.2 Mile walk ordeal cost me roughly 40 minutes of gym time. Does getting lost in the freezing cold count for an burned calories?? If so, that would make this much more bearable.

Then, we pulled into the gym parking lot and struggled to find a spot. The parking lot of the gym had reached Christmas Eve mall parking lot spot war proportions. Oh geez, this isn’t a good sign! We walked in and when I got upstairs to the cardio area I immediately saw a few friends of mine who were heading down to an exercise class. They said that there wasn’t a SINGLE free machine, so they opted for “group kick” instead. The last thing I wanted to be doing was Rockette or martial arts style kicks after my near death industrial park experience. No thank you friends, I will tough this on out myself. I did a few laps, and finally found a stairmaster. ICK. I did 10 minutes before getting insanely frustrated. I was so annoyed that I almost felt like I could feel my blood pressure rise. Over the stairmaster, I got in line for the treadmills.

After waiting for about 10 minutes. I finally got on a treadmill. The run was brutal, my stomach was in a knot, and my frustration was not being channeled into a killer run. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels and I began to wish that I could travel back in time to college. Those days, when I would arrive at swim practice frustrated or mad, and absolutely crush my work out until I turned purple. Usually my fellow teammates and coaches knew when I was in this mood and just let me go on my way until the steam in my ears dissipated and I turned back into a normal human.

I tried to channel my frustration into a speedy run, but the discomfort in my stomach took over, and I began to slow my pace. I changed my goal to just finishing 3 miles. I eventually finished in 26:40, walked for a minute and jumped off. As soon as I wiped down my sweaty treadmill, there was someone anxiously waiting to get on. I found it hard to believe that a gym that charges $79/month can get away with forcing people to wait upwards of 20 minutes for exercise equipment. I’m now in the process of writing a very salty (for those who don’t use this word, I prefer it in the place of bitter or spiteful) email to the managers asking to add more treadmills or enforce policing of the 30 minute cardio limit. I’m also going to mention the 20 foot (OK, I’m over exaggerating, but it’s high) snow pile blocking the sidewalk which forces me to risk my life every time I want to burn calories. Take that gym!

Even though it was a brutal evening, I’m just so happy that I ended up getting a work out in. 3 miles and 10 minutes on the stairmaster is pretty lame, but it’s better than sitting on my couch.

The rest of the evening I treated myself to a warm sweatshirt, an Oreo and HGTV allll night. HUGE shout out to Foxy for again giving another reason that he should win Boyfriend of the Year!

Also, I apologize for wasting your time if you read this ENTIRE whiny post! I wrote this mostly for therapeutic reasons and I’m looking forward to being more upbeat and positive for the rest of the week.

What bad luck have you had this week? What annoys you at your gym?


  1. Lauren says

    I’m afraid of the wind, but I’m running outside after work today… I can’t STAND waiting for a treadmill! And even worse, the gym gets SO HOT. (Ummmm but I only pay $8/month for Planet Fitness in Porter, but I take $10 classes at the Training Room in Somerville.)

  2. says

    Ahh, Kim! I’m sorry you had a frustrating night! Sometimes, when I’m stressed or angry, I can’t get a good workout in either… I’ll think my stress will be fuel for the fire, and then I end up not being able to move. It happens!

    I am excited to hear you are going to yoga tonight. I am sure tonight will be better for you! I am going at 6 p.m. at HYP Yoga in Needham… it’s too bad we don’t live closer!!

  3. says

    I feel your pain. My yoga studio is only 5 miles away – and from home its a breeze. But from work? There is only ONE way to get there and at 5pm it takes an HOUR. Even when I leave the office as the clock strikes 5 I get to yoga RIGHT at 6 when the class starts. Traffic and 1 slow street light are my nemesis.

    Thankfully, yoga folks are warm and kind and walking in the studio immediately calms me down…But I HATE the white knuckle drive out there.

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