Back at it!

Yes folks, I am alive! It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of January, where did the first month of 2011 go?! After New Years in New Hampshire, a long weekend in NYC with my mother for her business, a long weekend of skiing up at Sunday River in Maine, a weekend spent fighting a bothersome cold we’re closing in on another weekend away in NYC, and the end of the month!

Healthwise, the year really started off with a bang, I was hitting the gym with renewed interest and getting psyched up for ski season. Instead of just doing my standard winter “run 3 miles on a treadmill, stretch, do abs and maybe 2-3 weights and leave” routine, I was mixing it up. I would run 3-4 miles tempo, then 10-15 minutes on the BIG step, making a big effort to work in lower body strengthening exercises and core work. I felt great! Then, I went down to NYC, and my knee started bothering me. I just told myself, “You’re out of town for a few days anyways, maybe a break would be a good idea” Then, walking around New York City, I felt a tiny pain in my shin, which I was nervous might be a stress fracture, eek! So I pulled the breaks on running…so far, knock on wood, everything feels pretty good!

The culprit(s)?

I blame my Nike Frees (more to come on that later)

Lack of stretching (why do I do this to myself? Bad Kim, BAD!)

And the INSANE amount of snow Boston has gotten this winter

and of course, my busy schedule! Below is the past Four weeks:

Now don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, visiting friends, skiing and getting out of the city. It’s a lot of fun! But, when I end up getting a steamroller of a cold, that’s when my love turns to hate.

The silver lining? This pesky cold was an excuse to keep me grounded in Boston, clean my apartment and catch up on some amazingly awful, and tasty Food Network shows and of course, get better. Sometimes we all need to force ourselves to pump the breaks on life. The coughing-sneezing-chills-runny nose-congestion-headache wasn’t fun, but all you can do is sleep, get some vitamin C and hope for the best right?!

The cold has left me, but a killer snow storm is looming over the Northeast just waiting to unleash havoc on the residents of Boston and all of New England. Oh goody!

So, how will I manage? One day at a time! For now I’m just trying to slowly get back into running with avoiding getting injured. I’m looking forward to forcing myself to log my workouts on the Daily Mile and of course, here!

How do you manage training and your busy schedule and traveling?


    • swimmykimy says

      Too funny! I am also sneaky about mine too 🙂 Good work at Boston prep! I will see you at Hyannis this year, Rob and I are volunteering 🙂

    • swimmykimy says

      I do too! It’s so hard though especially with long days in a city you’re not familiar with! PS You’re a swimmer?! I was a swimmer my entire life, not I’m a converted runner, but my first love is the pool. <3 the water 🙂

    • swimmykimy says

      Play, mostly!!! It’s mostly my new love of skiing, but the constant back and forth gets so old! Have a great weekend 🙂

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