45 degrees and Sunny, is it really February?!

On Monday February 2nd, a day most Americans try to fly under the radar after a night of over indulgence and revelry over Super Bowl 43, Kate and I decided-let’s get out there and run!


We took to the streets of Boston in our traditional mid work day running route, this time with significantly less clothing than usual and larger smiles on our faces. It was 45, sunny and the mounds of snow that have been accumulating over the past few weeks was melting. It was amazing. We both struggled through the run, but opted to extend our route to 4.5 miles rather than cut it off for a 3-miler. I was sore from skiing for the first time in 12 years and Kate was hurting from a difficult spin class, it seemed our previous exercise endeavors were working against us. It wasn’t pretty, we ran pretty slow and jumped over about 55 puddles, but it felt AWESOME.

As we ran along, I drifted off and thought to myself “Wow I can’t wait to get back into a routine of running in this weather…” SIKE.  I then had to REMIND myself that it was indeed February and yes, we sadly were due for at least another 5-10 snow storms. Bummer. If anything, this day served as a great reminder to how great those surprise sunny/warm days are in the winter and how amazing running in the city of Boston is throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Mid Lunch Charlestown Navy Yard Loop


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