Merry SNOWY Christmas and Cold Weather Running Tips

It’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and 2010 is just days away from ending. Where has the past year gone?! It feels like it was just July and I was in the smack in the middle of wedding season! It’s been a great year, and I’m certainly looking forward to an even better 2011. The holidays are great, and this year’s was no exception. Rob and I spent Christmas Eve with his family and then went down to the cape to spend Christmas day with my family. We were treated to two beautiful days before being assaulted with snow, with “Snoloko” in Boston.

This Christmas my baking obsession (goes hand in hand with my running obsession!) took on a new level on intensity when I volunteered to bake a 3D Snowman cake for Rob’s niece’s Second Birthday. I spent all day baking and frosting, and there were multiple obstacles, but in the end it was completely worth it! Rob’s niece absolutely loved the cake and it was a huge hit with the rest of his family. Yay!


Rob’s Niece, Bea admiring her Snowman Birthday cake!

After Christmas Eve dinner and Mass, we piled into Rob’s car and made it to my mom’s house on the cape. After catching up with family and wrapping my gifts (major procrastination in the gift wrapping department this year…) I went straight to bed.

Unable to sleep on Christmas morning I woke up early and drank coffee and caught up with my brother and sister in law. Once everyone woke up we opened our stockings a couple gifts, and then took a break so my brother and sister in law could go to her father’s house for a few hours. Rob and I took advantage of the beautiful day, and the break in the action and went for a run on my favorite route. I took my camera along to capture the snowy coastal scenes, enjoy!


It was a little bright out there 🙂


A cold, but Happy Foxy!


All business


Empty Parking lot, normally there is a line of cars waiting to get in!

Nothing like the quiet of the cape in the winter...

LOVE the starfish

Bass River

Someone wasn't terribly happy about the paparazzi...

One of my favorite houses on the river

Until the next visit!

The run went well, but the cold air and wind definitely posed some challenges. There were a few times we had to stop to catch our breathe because the cold air was knocking the wind out of our lungs, brrrr! Since several of my running friends are now starting to train for the Hyannis Half or Full Marathon, and a little race called the Boston Marathon, some cold weather running tips are necessary!

Cold Weather Running Tips

  1. Bundle up– This means keeping your hands, head and feet warm.
  2. Wear a high neck or choker– to help protect your lungs, if it’s really cold breathe through these and it should help ease the burning sensation
  3. Use an inhaler! This is a new problem of mine, but I now use an inhaler before running and keep it with me just in case I encounter any issues
  4. Breathe in and out of your nose– Less of a cold air shock to your lungs!
  5. Try to maintain an easy and relaxed breathing pattern
  6. When all else fails, slow your pace!

I’ve found that the shock of running outdoors is the worst, and your lungs and body adjust to the cold weather each time you head out for a run. Just be patient.

What are your cold running tips and tricks?


  1. says

    I loveeeee cold weather running… am I alone? I like my cold weather clothes better, love wearing gloves etc etc. Your route looks gorgeous and I hope to get down to the Cape at some point to join you! Merry Christmas love!

    • swimmykimy says

      Yes! Let’s do a run together this summer and then we can get some beach time in together 🙂 PS when are you doing the biggest loser? I might do it unofficially 🙂

    • swimmykimy says

      Thanks!! I love it there 🙂 Even in the freezing cold! The 3D Snowman cake was a lot of work, but the reaction was priceless!! 🙂

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