Santa Speedo and Jingle Bell Run Recaps

After losing a bet to a friend in 2006, my boyfriend Rob was forced to wear a speedo and run in 20 degree weather throughout the streets of Boston in what is now known as one of the biggest events in December, the Santa Speedo Run. Four years later, and no lost bets to be had, Rob is still running in a speedo. Why? Maybe it’s the frostbite? Maybe it’s the self deprecating nature of flaunting oneself throughout the streets of Boston? Maybe it’s the beer? Whatever it is, it’s always a good time for us to switch roles, where he is the runner and I become the dedicated cheerleader.

The run starts and ends at Lir, an Irish bar in Boston’s Back Bay, with the runners making their way down Boylston St, taking a left onto Arlington and then looping back onto Newbury street. This area is historic, beautiful and also one of the busiest shopping areas in New England, so you can only imagine how shoppers who unknowingly stumble upon the race react. Oops!

The event is silly, but it’s not without great causes associated with the run. The race benefits three charities, and this year over $230,000 was raised by 500 runners wearing speedos, not too shabby!

Now, it’s time for some incriminating photos….


Rob & I enjoying some pre race libations


Rob is Ready!

Chris Rowe!


Running in Speedos with Style!


Here they come!


Rob's friend Joe, who came all the way from Chicago for the run





You thought it was over, nope! The holiday cheer continued through this past weekend when I ran the Marathon Sports 4th Annual Somerville Jingle Bell Run 5k. I’ve always meant to sign up for this race, but I end up procrastinating for some unknown reason and missing the deadline, not this year! The race started at 11am right in Davis sq, so it was perfect for people who were coming in from out of town, or live in the city and enjoyed a few too many winter warmers the night before 🙂 I ran with my best friend Kaitlin, who ran in a red Tutu, and my marathon buddy, Michele! Michele’s Husband has an amazing SLR, so he assumed the role of photographer to capture the amazing costumes worn during the race.

Without further ado…

Kaitlin, Michele, Foxy & Me

Michele and my back

These reindeer stayed hitched for the entire 5k, impressive!

Mr. Grinch wears a Celtics jersey?!

Red faces love free beer after a cold run!

The Quinns!

Kaitlin, Me, and Maddie, Kaitlin's little sister showing off the fun medals!

Overall it was a great run! There weren’t a lot of spectators along the course, but the amazing outfits definitely made up for it! I also enjoyed the fact that there were limited hills, very much appreciated Marathon Sports. The post race celebrations, which I heard spanned over several bars in the area, were absolutely amazing. Everyone was in good spirits and happy to have run such a run race. It definitely wasn’t my fastest 5k (25:09), but considering how I was running through Laryngitis and a head cold, I was happy with the time. Plus, it’s all about getting into the holiday spirit, right?!

I definitely give a huge thumbs up for both of these runs. It’s a great way to bring together friends, raise money and share in some good old (and sweaty) holiday cheer!

Merry Christmas everyone!


    • swimmykimy says

      Janae, I know!! This year’s race was actually somewhat warm, upper 40’s. In past year’s it’s been in the 20’s!! Let’s just say that people definitely down quite a few beverages before running for a liquid coat/courage

    • swimmykimy says

      I know! Unfortunately, it’s become an annual tradition so he will be running through the streets of Boston for the rest of his life 🙂 (In a speedo that is!)


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