Nantucket Triathlon

Keeping on pace to accomplish a few of my 2011 goals/resolutions, I decided to sign up for the Nantucket Triathlon. I’ve heard great things about this sprint triathlon, and I’m even more excited that it gives me the excuse to take a day off from work and make a long weekend on Nantucket.

Here is a quick breakdown of the race: 

Swim (.33 miles) starting and ending at Jetties beach (located by Brant Point.) Unlike other newbie triathlete’s this section of the triathlon is what I am the most comfortable with. The fact that I have been a competitive swimmer since the age of 10 definitely helps this portion of the tri! On top of that, in high school and college I was a beach lifeguard on Cape Cod, so I am very familiar with open water swimming!

Training Plan: Swimming Roughly 2 times a week, with a mix of distance, pulling and interval work. I’m basically just going to scale back a few of my favorite workouts from my college swim team and use those. Plus, I am planning on doing a few open water practice swims during the summer months to prepare for the race and get back into the grove of sighting

Bike (14 miles) The bike route is a loop around the west side of the island. This is going to be the toughest part of the race, and especially where I need to focus the majority of my training. My first triathlon biking experience was a total disaster and I was seriously contemplating dropping out! I’m hoping that extra training and the proper equipment I can do a better job 🙂
Training Plan: Spinning 1-2 times a week, and then once the weather gets nice buying a bike and completing several long bike rides so I get the hang of it.
Run (3.4 miles): Once off of the bike, the run goes on a smaller loop around the west side of the island and finishes on Jetties beach. The run is also an area that I am less worried about, however after 14 miles on the bike, I have very clear memories of my legs feeling like complete jelly. So clearly I need to read up on properly training for running a fast 5k with lactic acid build up.

Training Plan: I’m planning on training for this like an average 5k, a lot of speed and tempo work.
Other training notes
  1. Transitions: I know this is one of the most important aspects to train for when competing in a Triathlon, so I plan on practicing these quite a bit. Any and all tips are much appreciated.
  2. Practicing Multiple sports, back to back: It only seems to make sense to practice swimming & Biking in the same work out, same as Biking & Running. This will help prepare my body for the transitions between each sport and the different muscles that each of them use.
  3. Core Strength & Cross Training: I plan on doing Yoga once a week to help keep me limber and to build up core strength, as well as do a variety of weight/core exercises to help reduce the risk of injury and keep my core strong which will propel me through the toughest parts of the Triathlon
I’m really looking forward to what will hopefully be a better triathlon that my first experience back in 2006. I’ve always been happiest when I am swimming, so I’m looking forward to mixing swimming in with my new love of running, and hopefully I will learn not to hate cycling so much 🙂 For more information on the Nantucket Triathlon go to
Have you ever done a triathlon before? What are your favorite training tips?


  1. says

    Yes lets get faster together! And if I ever get a bike I would love to ride. Wish we could take spinning together! Practicing bike to run is key… its so awkward. I wish I could join you on this triathlon but I am just a terrible swimmer : (

    • swimmykimy says

      Janae! Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 I’m excited to add a few Tri’s to my race calendar! 🙂 You are very welcome for the comment, it was 100% true and absolutely necessary. I can’t believe someone would send something so hurtful. Luckily there are plenty of nice people that can help filter the meanies out!

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