Circuit Training with David

David Hill (@DavidKHill) is a good friend of mine at work, and a fellow endorphin junkie; he recently got into running over the past year, and recently completed his first half marathon–congrats David! David is a big dude, and really knows a thing or two about weight training, so I’ve been wanting to pick his brain on the best weight training for running. As a football player in high school, he carried the football player training mentality with him to the gym throughout college and his first few years in the “real world.” He told me that the real game changer was when he moved to New Hampshire and started attending the prestigious Tuck Business school at Dartmouth College and he started seeing a trainer once a week. He had muscle, but he said he was bulky with a great deal of extra weight, and he wanted to change up his plan and drop a few pounds. He said he immediately dropped significant weight and now does a mix of the work out below 3 times a week, interspersed with running and bootcamp class.

This work out is a good mix of cardio and weight training, which helps keep workouts fresh and combat boredom. Mixing up your workouts into short bursts and hitting different muscle groups also increases the rate of your metabolism, what’s not to love?

Circuit workout with David 60 Minutes

Watch out for a second installment full of great action shots! 🙂

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