Class Review: Gravity Bootcamp

I’ve always wanted to get in a better routine of working out in the morning before work, but I rarely can execute this task. I’m usually too tired, comfortable in bed, or just plain lazy to do so. However, since I’ve moved to a different neighborhood that is a little bit of a longer commute, I told myself I had to start going in the mornings in order to insure a faster, and safer commute home at the end of the day. So, when I was heading out of the gym on Monday night and noticed a sign up for a new class called Gravity Bootcamp at 7am, I decided, why not? My logic was if I signed up for a class, then I would be that much more apt to actually get my butt to the gym and follow through with my goal of transitioning to morning work outs.

The next day my alarm went off at 5:45am, and total shocker, I actually got up! I walked to the T, got on and arrived at Boston Sports Club with enough time to stretch and wake up before indulging in the fun of Gravity Bootcamp. The class was comprised of eight people, and four GTS machines, which essentially looked like souped up Pilates reformer machines. Before we got going the trainer had all of us make specific changes to the machines so we knew all of the settings and didn’t injure ourselves, this was key!

An advanced move that I certainly didn't attempt!

He organized us into two groups of four people, when one group was using the four machines, the other group would be doing static exercises on training mats. Directly following the instruction we launched into our lower body work outs on the Gravity Machine: a series of squats, squat jumps, one legged squats, all intertwined with a variety of static exercises, which were essentially repeating the aforementioned exercises. At first I thought, Hmm, this isn’t THAT bad. Then I got to the one legged squats, HOLY HECK! I did three and struggled to make it to ten of each side.

Once we finished lower body, we went directly into upper body work outs, which consisted of bicep curls, seated rows, pull ups, skull crushers and over the head pull-downs. The static mat exercises were a series of planks, side crunches, bicycle abs, push ups, etc. Since I’ve always had shoulder issues, I was a bit leery of this portion, but I actually felt great. I think that all of my hard work in Core Fusion has paid off in terms of upper body strength 🙂

I found this promotional video that highlights most of the moves we did in the demo class. Not only does it show everything, it’s accompanied by some rockin’ tracks to really get you in the mood to try this gravity machine! (or..NOT)


At the end of the class the trainer gave us a hand out to enroll in the 8 week class, which met once a week and cost $189. Whoa, $189?! On top of a $72/month membership, no thanks! However, after thinking more about it, I think I might pursue this post marathon training and really dedicate time to trying to increase my strength training. I think this class would be an amazing way to kick yourself into great shape when you have a goal in mind, brides to be, take note! The class does come with a hefty price tag, but it holds true to my theory on spending money on working out. If it’s good for your health and wellbeing, and it might cost a little extra, it’s probably worth sacrificing a few nights out at a bar or fatty dinners!

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