Race Schedule: Road races, triathlons, and Marathons

I thought it might be cool to keep a running list of running events that Kate and I were considering participating in. Please leave any and all comments that you might have about each race!

February 21: Hyannis Half Marathon. Kate will be doing the honors on this one! Wish her best of luck during this cold and blustery race!

April 5th: Marathon Sports City Run 5 Miler, Cambridge, MA- why not? No web site currently

May 25th The Boston Run to Remember, Boston, MA. I’ve heard this is a great race, very flat and scenic-two things I love in road races!

June and July Hyannis I Sprint Triathlon,Craigville Beach-Because I’ve been talking about this one for years! Falmouth Sprint Triathlon

August 9th CINGA Falmouth Road Race, Falmouth, MA-Last year I swore I would never run this again because the hills and the intense heat. Yup, I’m crazy!

October 25: Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA. Any thoughts or suggestions on this one?


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