Falmouth Road Race Prep!

This coming weekend is the 38th running of the Falmouth Road Race, and I am pleased to say that I am running this year! The race is one of New England’s most storied and prestigious road races, yet it most certainly will never outshine the most prestigious race in the nation, the Boston Marathon. It’s picturesque beach side location and challenging course make it appealing for serious and casual runners a like. Just saying “Yeah, I ran Falmouth” brings a certain level of credibility and respect to any running conversation.

For those who know me well, will retell the story of when I ran the Falmouth Road Race in 2008, it was a terrible experience and I vowed to never run the race ever again. My boyfriend was dumbfounded when I admitted to him that I thought the 2008 ING New York City Marathon was easier than the Falmouth Road Race. Yes, I realize that NYM is 19 miles longer than FRR! However, much like my curses and vows to never run another marathon, I am running Falmouth again. Yes, I truly am a glutton for punishment.

Since I’m just getting back into the running swing of things and this race is a particularly challenging course, I’ve decided to outline a few goals for Falmouth 2010.

Goals for the 2010 Falmouth Road Race

  1. Slow and Steady– In order to make sure that I don’t reinjure myself, I’m going to take things very slow and steady, particularly the brutal hills near the end of this course
  2. Take in the Scenery– The last time I ran this race I went out so fast that I wasn’t able to take in the true beauty of the race. This time I’m planning on hanging out and enjoying the scenery and actually enjoying myself 🙂
  3. Use the spectators to fuel me through the race– One of my memories from FRR ’08 was the sheer number of spectators that come out to cheer on runners. It was similar in volume to the amount of people that come out to watch a marathon, which is very impressive!
  4. JUST FINISH– ‘Nuff said!

Hopefully if all goes well, the race will be an enjoyable experience for me and it won’t end in me cursing one of my favorite hobbies. Until next time, happy running!


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