How To Train For a Marathon and Maintain a Busy Schedule

Recently, I’ve felt like my free time is between minimal to non-existent. And when I checked my blog today, I realized I haven’t posted since May 26th, that is almost ONE month! Yikes!

Between traveling to weddings in different cities, various different projects at work, organizing the corporate challenge for my entire office, and maintaining a part time job the has severely limited the time I have available to work out, relax or even sleep. Since I haven’t posted in awhile I thought I would give a quick update on my life, and also outline some of my tips for maintaining a marathon training schedule during a very busy life schedule.

Before I share some tips, I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to the past month…

Danced the night away at a wedding on a farm in rural North Carolina

Met up with an old college friend and former swim teammate!

Drove down to Steve and Michele's wedding in an RV!

Celebrated Steve and Michele's Wedding in Villanova, PA

Celebrated my birthday at Jimmy Buffett!

Tail Gated at Buffett with my mother, her friend Maureen and my boyfriend Rob 🙂

Represented Pestos with Panache at the SoWa Food & Produce Market!

Celebrated at my Company's Summer Anniversary Party with Lizzy!

Phew, what a month! Now that the dust has settled a bit and the traveling and social engagements have subsided for the next six weeks or so, I’m looking forward to training at normal hours, catching up on sleep, eating healthier and of course, consuming less alcoholic beverages 🙂

So, with that chaotic of a schedule, how does someone train for a marathon?

  1. Schedule everything– I am a big fan of the “to do” list, and I relish in the sense of accomplishment I feel when I can successfully cross something off. The same goes for training runs, especially those of the long variety! I’ve compiled my training schedule into an excel document with all of my weddings, birthday parties, BBQ’s, bachelorette parties, showers, as well as all of my runs for each day until the Chicago Marathon on October 10th 2010. By merging social and running onto one calendar I can accurately plan my runs around my social schedule instead of having something sneak up on me
  2. Be at peace with missing something–inevitably, things do come up, and runs are missed, don’t fret, just say to yourself “ok, I’ll give myself that out, next time I won’t make that same mistake.” Own your pitfalls and move on.
  3. Lean on your running buddies– If you’re like me, you have many running friends from multiple different circles. I’m lucky enough to have them in almost every part of my life, so where ever I may be for a weekend I usually have a running friend close by. I find that the buddy system adds an urgency and responsibility to completing the work out.
  4. Find a Road Race in a city you a visiting- I know it might not seem possible, but if you can squeeze a quick 5k into a weekend in New Jersey when you’re there for a wedding, it will not only ensure that you get a work out in, but it will be more fun!

These are just a few tips, I will, without a doubt, be adding to these as the summer continues on.

Thanks for your patience and I look forward to posting with more frequency as Chicago training ramps up!


  1. says

    fun pictures! marathon training is in full force but the good news is that the miles haven’t gotten too high. So you busy schedule came at a good time. 🙂 can’t wait for Chicago 10/10/10!!!

  2. Katie says

    Great post! I’m in the same boat, and am coming off of a week of no running because of vacation… it’s definitely tough. Thanks for the tips!

  3. swimmykimy says

    Thanks! I’m actually currently injured (post to come soon) so I’ve been struggling with cross training and doing anything I can to stay in running shape! I’m also planning on posting my original training plan and then what my modified plan looks like, in case anyone is interested! 🙂

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