Boston Marathon Weekend: Sunday Recap

The craziness of Boston Marathon weekend rolls on to Sunday, just 24 hours before the big event! Rob and I signed up for the BAA 5k, which started promptly at 8am, woof! It was a cold and dreary morning, but both of us ran a controlled and steady race, no need to stun the world, just time to have fun! The best news, Rob (aka, Foxy) said he felt as if he could have easily run another mile at a faster pace, GO Foxy! I loved the fact that the finish was in the actual official Boston Marathon finish line, it’s such a great chance for average runners to experience (one very small) part of the course. Below are the pictures from the BAA 5k:

"Couples that run 5k's together, stay together" Patti Ross

After the 5K Noel and I went on a quick 2 mile run, a cool down for me, and a “get the jitters out” warm up run for her. Even though it was disgusting outside, it was a pretty decent run and a great chance to get in one last final tune up for Noel! Patti and I then spent the day in Harvard Sq and Beacon Hill playing tourist and catching up while Noel relaxed at home. Probably a good idea to avoid the intense amount of walking we did on Saturday (I think we did roughly 5 loops between the expo center and the Copley Sq area, not great for a girl that has to run 26.2 miles on Monday!)

After a good old fashion carbo load (whole wheat pasta, simple tomato sauce, garlic bread and salad), we talked race strategy and then put the finishing touches on Noel’s shirt:

Noel getting her race shirt READY!

She's ready!

So, the big day is almost here!!!! Go out there and make us proud NOEL!!!!!


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    I love your blogg Kim!! Wish I was there for Boston’s big day! I still remember my first year at Delaware being in absolute shock that not only did Patriot’s Day not exist in other states, but we didn’t get the day off. I think I skipped class anyways.

    Good luck Noel! And great job Foxy on the run! And Kim watch out, in your first pic that blonde girl in front is totally checkin out your man!! ahahahahaa LOVE YOU ALL, KK

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