Boston Marathon Weekend: Let the Festivities Begin!

It’s Friday, and not JUST Friday, but after 4pm on a Friday of a very long week. True to form I’m antsy, I’m excited for a busy weekend of skiing, time on the cape, meeting up with friends, a wedding, or just catching up on me time at home.

This Friday is not unlike any other Friday, but the antsy-ness is only intensified because the entire city of Boston is ready to descend upon the best weekend of the year: Boston Marathon (Long) Weekend. This weekend normally evokes excitement and enthusiasm, but this weekend is particularly exciting seeing as how one of my best friends is running! But sigh, I’m still here sitting at work.

As I type this I stare out the window, it’s grey, gross, and plain old ominous. My office also just so happens to look out onto Boston Harbor as well as a little place called Logan Airport.  My friend’s plane landed at 3:45, so right now I’m just looking across the harbor just dying to be reunited with her! So in order to properly handle my inappropriate excitement and antsy-ness, I’m venting my frustrations here and just a quick note about how I’m going to recap our weekend plan, which I plan on thoroughly documenting via tweets, four square and of course my camera! 🙂 Happy Boston Marathon Weekend!

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