Spring Race Schedule

2009 HHCC JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Team nearly 90 strong

I know I haven’t been the best with updating this, but please be warned, I am planning to update this with intense frequency over the coming months. Before I dive into training plans, nutrition, race reviews I wanted to share my own personal Spring Race Schedule!

April 18th, BAA 5K , Boston, MA

April 19th, Boston Marathon*, Boston, MA (Spectating and cheering for my good friend, Super Noel!)

April 25th, Pancreatic Cancer Research Run, Westborough, MA

I must find a good 10k, any good suggestions?!

May 16th, Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon, Newton, MA

June 24th, JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, Boston, MA

I figure this list will only grow, but I just wanted to get everything down, as it stands right now! In addition to this, I’ve already signed up for Chicago (wooo!), and I’m planning on doing both the Falmouth Road Race AND the Brewster Brew Run back to back on the same weekend (Yes, I might be crazy!) But, to focus on the short term, I’m looking forward to the half marathon in May. my goal for this is to test drive how training at high milage, plus cross training goes (look out for a post on this in the next few days!) as well as increased speed work outs and emphasizing “gentle pick ups” at the end of runs. My hope that cross training will help condition and strengthen my core muscles, which are extremely hard at the end of a long run. For the speed work, I’m Hoping that focusing on speed as well as participating in more 5k’s can help me in the speed department!


  1. says

    Great post Kimy!! Good to see you back here. I say stay away from high mileage… you can run a great marathon with 4 QUALITY runs a week. 1 medium-long, 1 speed, 1 long and 1 recovery. Trust me!!! And then cross train the other days : )

  2. swimmykimy says

    I really need to do a Mile cut down work out with you!! I think I’m running 4-5 days a week 🙂

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