The return of the Lunch Time RUN!

Since entering the working world I have struggled to adjust to sitting at a desk, virtually in one place for nine (or sometimes more) hours a day. Sure, I drink a lot of water which requires subsequent refills and bathroom trips, but I find myself feeling pretty empty being holed up in an office during beautiful days.

The solution? The lunch time run! I have been known to take these frequently in the spring and fall, but rarely in the summer and winter. Well, I have a new policy, once it gets over 40 degrees and my Outlook calendar declares that the hour of 12pm-1pm (or, maybe even if I’m lucky, 1pm-2pm) are free, I’m heading out on a lunch time run! Not only does it help me get some desperately needed vitamin D, but it gives me the chance to get out and explore the city during the beautiful daylight hours. PLUS, working out over lunch it also helps me alleviate my bundle of stressful nerves that tend to plague me throughout the work day. A final benefit is that It awakens my senses and gives me a boost of power to get through the day. Now, that is something that eating an unhealthy slice of pizza or 750 calorie Cosi salad certainly can not do!

Today I ran with my cell phone and sent automatic updates to my twitter account to document the run, below are the pictures–Enjoy!


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