Kim’s Lent Plan: Less Junk; More Gym!

I don’t always give up something for Lent, but this year I decided that it might be a good idea. When I have given up something, I’ve always found it to be difficult to adhere to my lent perimeters (no matter what I decide to give up!), so to make it easier I’m putting an emphasis on good health for the next 40 days. My motto is: Less Junk (Food, drinks) and more Gym (whether it’s running, a group exercise class, skiing, walking, lifting–whatever, it just has to burn calories!). So, if for instance, I decide to over-indulge on a weekend (which, quite frankly happens more than I would like to admit), then I have to go the gym and do more than my standard trip to make up for it. Now, I consider myself a healthy person, but I have been known to cave to the occasional cookie left over from the 2pm meeting, or a bagel loaded with cream cheese from the 9am client presentation–ICK. Or, one celebratory beer or glass of wine with a friend turns into six. Not going to say these events are never going to take place, but I’m certainly going to try to stay mindful of my actions.

The next 40 days I’m going to update my work-out routine, race schedule, and nutrition. My boyfriend has also given up junk food, so wish both of us luck on this quest!!

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