Exhale Core Fusion: Review

Last Thursday I finally tried the much anticipated Core Fusion class at Exhale Mind + Body Spa in Boston, it was great!

The moment I stepped foot into the spa I instantly felt at ease. The entire space smells of wonderful eucalyptus, which was a delight to my senses considering the polluted city walk I took from my office to their Arlington st location. The lighting and decorating were also very inviting, I definitely couldn’t wait to change into my yoga gear and get to work.

I was lucky enough to try the class out with a friend who goes on a regular basis, so she set me up with the necessary workout aids: a cloth band and light weights. The class is all done on carpet, so it was surprising and felt a little funky, but certainly no bad by any stretch. You are also required to wear socks during class, so that was another funky little detail.

So instantly I loved the class instructor, she was spunky and cute, you could tell right away that she loved her job and couldn’t wait to have all of us feel the burn. She came around and said hello to all of the regulars and introduced herself to all of the newbies, which was another sign of excellent service and attention to detail.

The class started with a series of warm up exercises and launched directly into difficult plank based core movements, ouch! I was still sore from a rough bootcamp class on Tuesday so I knew I was going to have to bite my lip to get through this 60 minute class. From there we did multiple ballet bar based movements, yoga inspired stretching, leg and ab work among many other exercises. All of the movements were extremely challenging, but the teacher was very good about addressing the varying abilities of those attending the class which enhanced the overall experience, especially as a beginner!

Overall, I loved the class and I look forward to the rest of my nine classes. I think it will be a great diversion from running, spinning and another way to work my core aside from bootcamp class. Even though I loved the class, I still really found myself wishing I was in a yoga class, which surprised me. I thought that Core Fusion would be the perfect card infused stretching regimen I craved, but instead it made me think that I should be doing yoga in addition to core fusion, bootcamp, spinning, etc. I look forward to tracking and updating my progress on my new workout plan throughout the next few weeks!

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