IMLP Training Weeks 1 & 2

Week 1: January 4-10: Recovery week & Travel

I am finally “officially” training for Ironman Lake Placid!!! I kicked off the new year with a 9 mile run on the Boston Marathon Course, a challenging computrainer hill class at FastSplits and 5,000 yards at the annual Miles for Marley charity swimming event hosted by my masters team, Cambridge Masters Swim Club. It’s funny to me that I am now officially training, when my schedule for the month of January doesn’t differ all that much from the past few months! The good news is that I have a great base to build off of, so I should be in good shape to slowly build by 5-10% over the next few weeks. My main focus for training is staying healthy and enjoying the process. In an effort to do so, I will be taking a cautious and conservative approach.

One key component of enjoying the process this year is staying positive and surrounding myself with positive people who understand my journey. I  have an amazing cheerleader in my coach, Kim Webster. My husband is unbelievably supportive, and is excited for me through this journey – I am so lucky! I also have many friends from Boston Triathlon Team, but many of my friends, family and coworkers fall into the category of “Non-Athletic Regular People” aka NARPs who just shake their head and tell me I’m crazy. These comments are not exactly motivating! This craving for positive reinforcement while Ironman training is a big reason I want to document the journey on this blog, instagram and facebook. Thank you in advance for your advice and support!

Monday: Key intensity ride Tunnabora on TrainerRoad 1 hour, 13 miles

I had planned on getting up early and doing this one before work, but my body was craving more sleep. So, I had to do this one after work, luckily I had the time. This workout was 5×7-minute sets of decreasing then increasing watts (88-94% FTP) in 1-minute steps to allow cadence changes over the course of each form interval. It also included 3×2-minute ILT (Isolated Leg Training) steps within the warmup and recoveries between intervals. If you use TrainerRoad, I highly recommend this workout. It was a lot of fun and constantly gave me something to focus on, so I never got bored.


PT Session – 1:30. I am working on functional core strength since I noticed this fall that my right side was extremely weak compared to my left. I also have piriformis issues and my chronic L5 disc issue. My hope is that all of these exercises will help stabilize the back so it’s not a problem for me on July 24, 2016!

Tuesday: 4,000 yards at Cambridge Masters Swim Club

I just love this group so much. What an awesome way to start the day. So much love for my swim ladies!

Wednesday: Key Endurance Ride 1:15 Collins on TrainerRoad & 20 minute durability run

In an effort to get in as much cycling as possible before heading out to Colorado, my schedule was front loaded with cycling before I left I completed an endurance ride and a quick 20 minute “durability run”, these runs are crucial for building consistency so I can run a marathon after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike!

Thursday: Day off for travel

I arrived in CO to crazy snow storms, luckily I was able to upgrade my rental car to an SUV which saved my life! Even still, it is crazy to me that CO doesn’t plow roads other than main arteries. What do people without 4-wheel drive cars do?!

Friday: Quick 30 minute spin on the hotel bike

This was a tough one for me. The snow was absolutely dumping in Denver and made it impossible to complete a run outside. I then tried to make plans to swim with my friend Katy, who recently moved to Colorado, but we couldn’t find a pool that would accept non-residents. What the?! Next time a little planning on my behalf would have worked better. Luckily I was able to get a quick spin in at the hotel gym and then it was off to Bachelorette festivities.

Saturday: 8 Miles on the Boulder Creek Path

Unable to sleep and still on east coast time, I decided to head out to the Boulder Creek Path to get an 8 mile long run in. The path was a bit icy at times, but it was breathtaking and incredibly scerene. Everytime I went around a corner and the mountains came into view I freaked out. I had to back off my normal “E-Pace” (also known as Z1, Aerobic pace for long runs) due to the altitude, but I felt significantly better than I had anticipated. Special thanks to the Rockies for some awesome running scenery.


Seriously, I would run on this path EVERYDAY if I lived here!

Then the bachelorette festivities included a afternoon at the spa, time to hang around and catch up and then a delicious sushi dinner finished off with Karaoke! Super fun, but I was pooped! Since my normal wake up time is 4:30-5am at home, I just couldn’t sleep in while I was in CO. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to bed at my normal time so I was exhausted the entire time!


Sunday: day off for travel

I was up again before the rest of Boulder woke up and started the day with some coffee with one of my best friends, Courtney. I really would have loved to have gotten a quick workout in, but leaving Boulder at 9am and arriving back at home at 6:30pm, I was exhausted. I crashed early and slept like a baby!

Weekly Total:
1 hour of swimming (4,000 yards)
2:47 biking (28.8 miles)
10 miles running
1 hour of strength/PT/core
Total: 6:29 of training
Not the most consistent week that I was hoping to kick off training with, but it was the best that I could put together despite traveling.

Week 2: January 11-17

This week I was eager to get all of my workouts in and have a green week on trainingpeaks! I find turning those “boxes” on my schedule green to be so satisfying and red boxes to be extremely frustrating. I’m trying not to sweat it and just focus on consistency, which is the goal for training!

Monday: Regeneration ride on TrainerRoad 1:00


It felt great to spin the legs out and catch up on TV. And detoxing! I usually like to go “booze free” to detox from holiday gatherings laden with sugar and alcohol, but given the timing of the bachelorette party I didn’t really have that luxury during the first week of training! I celebrated detox by having sparkling water in a wine glass 🙂

Tuesday CMSC masters 3,900 yards, Key intensity ride 1:15 Langille on TrainerRoad

Great mid-distance practice with lots of 100’s and 200’s. I’m feeling very strong in the water which is fantastic. It’s always good to feel strong in your favorite sport! In the evening I completed Langille on Trainerroad, a 1:15 workout. Langille is 3×10-minute intervals in the Threshold power level at 95-99% FTP with 6-minute recoveries between intervals. These intervals are bookended by stretches of Endurance work that will end up giving you 75 minutes of ride time.

Wednesday: Strength/PT and 20 minute Durability Run

Thursday: mini strength session and Key intensity run 4.5 miles

It’s so great to feel noticeable improvement when doing these core, glute and hamstring exercises

Friday 4,600 yards CMSC

Tons of lactate threshold swimming which was SO tough! Thank goodness for active recovery.

Saturday 1:40 FastSplits Trainer Class 


Riding with my ladies, Kristen and Meg, both of whom are doing Lake Placid!

IMG_6644Luz Ardiden in the Pyrenees – WOW this was hard! AC/DC “Highway to Hell” came on during a brutal 20 minute stretch and it made everyone laugh. These classes are such great workouts and I love the camradare between all of the athletes. The majority of the class was at 95-105% FTP as we climbed a mountain. By the end I was completely toast! In the afternoon Rob and I cheered on the New England Patriots to victory!

Sunday: 9 Miles & 45 Minutes of Strength

I started the day off with a Sunday Group Run with BTT in South Boston 9 miles, followed by brunch at our wonderful host’s home! It was great to be in the old neighborhood and running my the ocean. That is what I miss most about Southie! Then I finished out the weekend with 45 minutes of strength and PT exercises.IMG_6653



Weekly Total:

2 hours swimming (8500 yards)
3 hours and 55 minutes biking (54.6 miles)
2 hours and 39 minutes of running for 16 miles
1 hour and 55 minutes of strength
10:28 swimming, biking, running and strength & PT

MUCH better week and all of my boxes were green on training peaks, YEAH! Not having to scramble and also not having to travel really helped me nail this week’s workouts! Unfortunately it is short lived as I have travel coming up with a quick work trip to Texas!

How do you balance training with travel? Do you have a lot of friends who are NARPs? If so, how do you relate to them?!


  1. Beth says

    This is so exciting! I am all for surrounding myself with positive people. Sounds like your head, heart, and legs are all in a good place. Keep it up, you are an inspiration!

  2. Katie says

    Love it!
    I’m still stuck on the 4600 yard swim. If I tried that I’d still be swimming. Or maybe on the pool bottom.
    Good work!

  3. Gretchen says

    Sadly is have to say that these days I fall into the “NARP”category, but I am and have always been impressed with your work ethic and athletic prowess. You get it girl!!!

  4. says

    Sounds like you have kicked off the first two weeks well! Getting in your workouts while on the road is tough, for sure, but you got some good work in!!! I look forward to following your road to IMLP. That was my first IM in 2014, and therefore, close to my heart:) It is awesome that you have good support from your husband. That is really KEY!!!! Mine was incredible through my training and it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

  5. says

    Sounds like a great first 2 weeks!! The base that you set before is great! It is almost like a game to make sure all the boxes are green in TP!! 🙂
    When I am IM training I try and not doing any traveling, just stay home and train!! I have lots of friends that are NARP’s…those are the people that 2 weeks before the race will be asking if you are are ready (and you are going to be thinking I can’t wait until this race is over) 😉

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