Find Your Happy and the Whole30

Now that my resolution of Focus, Purpose & Gratitude in 2015 is out there on the interweb, I decided I needed to take a few steps to achieve these in the year that lies ahead. To start my “resolution” off on the right foot, I am reading Find Your Happy.

find your happy

I found the book through Juls, who recently read it and posted about it on Instagram. Since my resolutions have been brewing since early fall 2014, I decided to check it out and take it as an opportunity to reflect and start the year off on a positive foot. I’m only about half way into the book, but so far it is full of simple insights how to approach every facet of your life. I am finding it hard to relate to some of her experiences, as they are about certain demons I have luckily never had issues with before. Despite that, I am enjoying this quick read and a chance to make some lists to love life to its fullest to ensure I achieve all of my goals for the year.

Another “new year’s initiative” (so much better than a resolution, right?) is that I am taking the entire month of January off from drinking alcohol. I have a friend who does a January holiday detox every year and I decided to copy his approach. Eight days in and I am still thankful for the break. While I was giving up the sauce for a month, I figured this was the perfect time to attempt the Whole30 since you can’t consume alcohol during the 30 days.


I’m a bit skeptical of a diet that does not include my precious diet staple, quinoa, but I figured I might as well give it a try. The program boasts that it will “change your life in 30 days”. As I researched the program I noticed that aside from quinoa, bread, the occasional shameful cheese binge and alcohol this program doesn’t differ too much from my current diet. Thankfully, they allow coffee (in moderation), meat, fish, all vegetables, fruit (also in moderation) and nuts; it excludes all dairy, sugar, legumes, grain products of any kind. The program follows largely a paleo and clean diet, so it’s pretty easy to guess if something is off limits (side note: what do you mean I can’t have a cupcake?!) I have suspected a few different food allergies for some time, so why not take a chance to recalibrate? Check out the Whole30 for yourself here.

So far I have made some delicious salads, flank steak and some health-ifying of my favorite prosciutto wrapped cod. I’ve relied upon plain almonds (one of my favorite snacks), kale chips, berries and apples in-between my protein dense meals to help control any unhealthy, non-Whole30 approved cravings. As the 30 days continue and I will share more of my recipe discoveries and thoughts on this process.



I’m not sure if this will be “life changing” for me as they claim, but I am keeping an open mind and embracing the opportunity to hit the reset button.

The first week of my participation in the Whole30 challenge wasn’t exactly pretty. I have felt exhausted from the craziness of the past few months, so Foxy and I decided to have a low key weekend and try to cross a few things off our to do list. 


We cranked through a majority of our to do list, but somehow in the middle of doing some vacation research (more on that to come another day), I felt my back lock up. I immediately knew I was in trouble and laid down on my couch, clutched my ice pack and tried to remain calm. As the day turned to night the pain only increased and on Sunday I literally could not move. Miss go, go, go has received a wake up call: chill out! I have been through this a few times before, so I knew the program: ICE, anti-inflamatories and light stretching. I also made an appointment with my amazing chiropractor for the first appointment I could get.

I am feel incredibly lucky that I have never herniated or slipped a disc in my back. Yet, I do have an abnormality with my L5 disc that gets angry every once in awhile. I try to maintain my back health with regular stretching, core strengthening exercises, anti-inflamatories, and icing when needed. External factors, such as stress, are harder to control and when it creeps in it wreaks havoc on my lower back. When I have a flare up the ligaments surrounding my spine become so inflamed that I can’t cough, bend down or roll over in bed without screaming out in pain. In short, it’s several days of misery but it is temporary.

Luckily my chiropractor, Dr. Pete is a miracle worker. After a great ART session and 20 minutes of stim therapy, I felt like a changed woman but still nowhere close to 100%. Until I can pass a simple flexibility test given to me by my chiro, I can’t engage in any physical activity. Sad face.


H-O-T-T-N-E-S-S is selfies in your Chiro’s office

It seems as though my timing of starting to read Find Your Happy and the Whole30 program was almost serendipitous: I was on the cusp of a physical set back while I was taking time to reset my mind and diet. I never would have picked this as the start of 2015, but I’m dealing with this minor set back as a small bump in the road and maintaing a positive outlook for what the year has in store. 

Have you read Find Your Happy? Have you done the Whole30? If you have, tell me your thoughts on both!


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    Adding that book to my reading list! Thanks for the rec! Totally what I need right now 🙂 I did Whole30 way back in 2010-ish when it first launched. It was a definite adjustment for me then (no Greek yogurt, which was my staple breakfast and a main source of protein because I rarely ate meat), but since then, except for the occasional quinoa and coconut rice, it’s primarily how I eat. My GI is so much happier without all the grains and gluten (and sadly eggs)! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your experience, and I hope your back chills out quickly! 🙂

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