Shameless Boyfriend Promotion: Santa Speedo Run 2009

500 Brave Souls Take the Streets of Boston by Storm in Their Speedos

For the third year in a row my boyfriend will be taking part in the Santa Speedo Run throughout Boston’s Back Bay on December 12th. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a Charity Run that happens the second weekend in December every year, and yes, I am compltely serious when I say he’ll be running in only a speedo with 499 of his closest friends. To check out the photographic recap of last year’s event, check out the detailed album here from

Aside from the comic relief provided by watching 500 speedo clad people run down the streets of Boston in nearly freezing weather, he is required to raise $250 to be involved in this event. Admittedly takes part in this event because it’s a hell of a lot of fun, but it also raises a bunch of money for several worth charities. This year he chose Crossroads for Kids – which gives an outlet to at risk kids who need positive influences and a positive community in their lives. Please visit his fundraising page if you feel inclined to make a small donation.

Check back on Monday the 14th for my recap of the event!


  1. nik says

    I’ve never heard of this annual event and I’m originally from the east coast.

    My boyfriend however, is currently running across country (C.A. to D.C.) alone but VERY MUCH CLOTHED,lol.. to raise mney for his grass roots foundation hope or die.

    Check him out and lend your support on his web page.

    “the proof is int he sacrifice”

    thanks for sharing this story

    Nikiva Dionne

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