Smashfest Queen: Banishing The Boring Kit

I have a new squeeze in town and I thought I would shout it from the roof top, I love Smashfest Queen!


I first learned about Smashfest Queen on twitter and instagram and was instantly drawn to their bright, loud and flashy tri-kits. Couple that with the fact that I am a fan of former swimmer (OMG ME TOO HILLARY, ME TOO!) turned TOTAL triathlon badass, Hillary Biscay who just so happens to be the co-founder of this amazing company so I knew I had to give these kits a try.



Ultraman Champion = seriously inspiring

I am drawn to bright and fun clothing in my non-athletic life, so I decided that my plain black tri kit days were over and I really should embrace my over exuberance for color in my athletic life. Thank you to Hillary and Michele for helping me from being trapped in the world of “boring black and bla, oh that could be anyone rounding that corner” kit and helping cure my creative triathlon expression!

Unfortunately Smashfest Queen is so popular that the tri bottoms were backordered for about a month, but I received the top right away and really enjoyed breaking it in on trainer rides.

image (1)


STS: Sweaty Trainer Selfie, sorry but I’m not sorry.

First Impression: I LOVE the print and I can’t wait to take this onto the road. It actually motivates me to get a workout in because the print is so fun. You know that feeling when your workout gear is so cute, you just HAVE to put it on? Maybe that’s just me, but I love it.

According to their site they say that “this delicious design honors the amazing place where our company blossomed one year ago; Kona. This kit is pink, but take a closer look, it’s red and purple. In addition, the design is reminiscent of a brightly colored fish when the sun hits it scales. She sure is pretty!” Well, who doesn’t want a kit inspired by the superbowl of triathlon? Sign me right up.

Shelf bra seems more than sufficient, but I have only taken it on a couple runs. The top is tight, but it’s not “you make me feel like a 10 pound sausage in a 5 pound bag” tight.

Fabric: it is extremely quickly drying, which thank goodness because I sweat a TON! After a particularly hard trainer session, I stripped off my clothes and hopped into the shower to notice that I was completely drenched and my top was only somewhat damp.

Bottoms: one word of caution is that they run extremely small (which I neglected to notice in my endorphin fueled shopaholic spree on their site), I ended up ordering a large because the medium was just too tiny (Ok, time to insert the bit about the 10 pound sausage HERE) the large fits perfectly and is very comfortable. One feature I really love is the compression leg opening at the bottom of the short, it’s really comfortable and isn’t bogged down by heavy seams. Now since I am a member of the Boston Triathlon Team, I will most likely be using this for strictly training, but I would love to bust it out for a race at some point during this upcoming season!


I haven’t taken this out on the road or tried it in a race yet as it is still very much winter in Boston, but I am looking forward to doing this really soon! Now the coolest part of getting this kit in the mail? The note that came along with it, complete with purple glitter pen!

photo (1)


This currently lives on my fridge


Be sure to check out for all of their amazing triathlon, cycling, running and casual gear. I look forward to bright, beautiful triathlon style for years to come!

What is your favorite triathlon kit, or race outfit and why?

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