Five, errr one thing, Friday

I have finally made it to the end of the week, hooray! I am lucky that my employer gives all of their employees the week off in-between Christmas and New Years Day, which this year is actually a week a two whole days!

Needless to say, I am excited for the time off and also the chance to unplug without worrying about how the status of projects, deadlines, bla bla bla.

So instead of the traditional Five Things Friday or Friday Faves, I’m switching it to one thing: Happiness, and the things that have brought a smile to my face this past week.

1. Foxy

Rob Wedding Church

Yes, I am lame. He is awesome & I am a lucky girl! This photo is of him waiting for me at the alter on our wedding day. Melt.

2. Running (and also, swimming and I am currently trying my best to get myself to psyched up and smiling when the concept on cycling comes up!)


I think I can give the Ridiculously Photogenic Running Guy a run for his money, what do you think? Holler for endorphins!

3. The World NOT Ending Today

I thought this little diddy was a good little laugh.

4. Hannah

Hannah Text

Huge shout out to technology for enabling me to text/gchat/email/talk to my favorite transatlantic friend nearly everyday. Huge shout out to her for being such a caring, selfless, patient and all around awesome friend 🙂 xoxo

5. 11 Days off.  Straight. 

No words.

I’m currently learning how to dance like this awesome dog.

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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