Reflecting on 2008 and looking forward to a bright 2009

Kicking Ass and taking names!When the ball dropped at midnight at 12am on December 31st, I kissed my boyfriend, hugged my friends, and toasted champagne with all of my friends. From the untrained eye, it was a prototypical New Years that was happening in every American city. Yet, after the ball dropped, I reflected on the past year. I thought about the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly. I couldn’t stop and think, ” WOw, I did some cool things!” In March 2008, I went to visit my friend in England and took a European vacation for 2 weeks, something I had never done before. This summer, I sent a best friend off to Panama for a 2 year Peace Corps assignment, saw Jimmy Buffet for the very first time, and ran a marathon in November and somehow survived the current economic meltdown with maintaining employment; Pretty cool stuff!

None of that compares to 2009, a year that Kate and I both know are destined for great memories and life changing experiences. First of all, my first new years resolution is to bring lunch to work 4 days a week and allow myself to buy 1 day a week. I used to life by this rule the first year that I lived in Boston, and I want to get back into these great habits. No more blaming the lack of grocery stores in the North End! 2009 is not a time for excuses.

My other resolution was to blog more on this site. I want to retell my experiences in exercise and competition and then in turn, pass on experience and tips to help people meet their own fitness goals. I have always been a team oriented person, so this blog is another avenue for me to help bring people together to reach a common athletic goal.

Along those same lines, I would love to run another marathon and push my body to the limit. The 2008 ING NYC Marathon was an amazing first marathon experience. I learned so much about the sport of running marathons and had a LOT of fun. The race ignited a fire, and now I can’t wait to run my next marathon as a seasoned vet. My eyes are on Chicago or Twin Cities, but who knows!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and memorable 2009! (Full of blogging, of course ;))


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