The Inevitable Pit Stop: The first of many

Every runner knows the drill on the pit stop, they happen. When you run for longer than an hour it’s a part of human nature, sometimes you just have to GO. Maybe not everyday, but there are times in the middle of a run when I feel the need to quickly find a spot to relieve myself. As further evidence to how essential these pit stops are, the running company Saucony even went as far as sponsoring a “pit stop” alongside a popular Boston training route. This move not only recognizes the habits of urban distance runners, but it helps them out–THANK YOU SAUCONY. Here is a picture a friend of mine snapped while cheering Boston runners this past April.Pitstop2

For most runners the pit stop can be as easy as a thickly wooded area, or perhaps if you’re a male, you can just relieve yourself straight off of the Nazarro bridge in the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, I do not have either of these luxuries. I live in a densely packed urban neighborhood and I am in fact female. So what’s the solution? Asking around and sharing advice on the best runner pit stops.

My first pit stop I’m going to post is my old stand by, The Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care at MGH. Perfectly situated at the beginning, or end of a long hard run, I’ve relied on this bathroom throughout many, many runs. It’s clean, large, and it doesn’t require any awkward lying, begging or pleading. NICE. It’s also not too far off the road, so it doesn’t eat up a significant portion of time from your run.
Pit Stop 1

I haven’t tested this pit stop in a week or two, but the last time I did I encountered some startling news. The area by the bathroom was blocked off with yellow wet floor signs and a sign hung that said “NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS”. My heart DROPPED, what was I going to do? I hope this is just a one time thing! If I’m going to have to get creative here.

If I ever qualify for Boston I’m going to write a note to MGH thanking them for contributing so much to my marathon training.

The Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care can be found easily off of Cambridge St by the Longfellow Bridge.


  1. says

    fantastic – i’m just starting my training for a 1/2, so i’m v happy to have discovered a blog of an experienced runner. thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. says

    My personal favorite pit-stop of choice? The Boston Public Library @ Copley. Comes at the half point of my run (and I need the water fountain badly at this point). When I go longer…I shall have to check this out. Fortunately…my dudeness does allow for some flexibility here.

  3. swimmykimy says

    Ooooh, I’ll have to try that one! My question is, do you get awkward questions as to where you’re going? I guess it’s a public place, so hopefully they go easy on you!

    Don’t worry, I have a long list coming 🙂 It’s marathon training season!!

  4. says

    The bathroomless pit stop is my greatest race fear, and it actually came true in a recent 10K. Luckily, the running gods sent me a big, beautiful shrub — large enough to hide an entire human. During training runs, I’ve relied on 7-Elevens, chiropractor offices and even a few churches. Good job planning ahead for yours!

  5. swimmykimy says

    I stand with you, a race without portapotties is a terrible thought.

    What are you training for? You’re from D.C., so maybe the Marine Corps Marathon?!

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