The last post you will see me complain in-COUNT IT!

When I signed up for the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon nearly 5 months ago, I never could have believed that I would be in the state of desperation that I’m in today. I’m running a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday and I am COMPLETELY unprepared. Whenever I mention I’m running it, my friends say, “oh, you’re fine! You ran a marathon in November! You can do anything!” Touche my friend, TOUCHE. Even though I pounded on the pavement of NYC nearly 6 months ago, gone are the days of 13.1-26.2 mile runs. These long summer and fall training runs are now just a distant memory. As well as something I am greatly looking forward to starting on June 22nd 2009 (the day I officially start training for the Marine Corps Marathon).

So, how did this pathetic state of affairs ever befall someone who is a self proclaimed work out nut? I blame a myriad of issues. First, after the NYC marathon I was burnt out. I was tired and broken down, I took a majority of the holiday season down to only working out 3 or 4 times a week (a far cry from running 40 miles a week, plus abs, yoga and weight training). It was nice, and I assured myself that as of the first of the year I would start swimming come the first of the year.

Next, I blame my somewhat failed attempt to start swimming again. I joined Cambridge Masters, went to some practices and felt invigorated–it was a welcome change from the solitude of running and back to my first love: the water. Yet, I learned that commuting to Harvard University during the cold winter months was much easier said than done without a car. Sure, there was the T, but after awhile the novelty wore off. The long days spent at work, coupled with terrible snow, ice and rain storms motivation all equaled a lack of motivation to trek out to Hahvahd. Sigh.

Then, 4A’s came into the picture. What is 4-WHAT’s you ask? The short explanation is, The Apprentice for young advertising professionals. We were put in teams with people from other agencies and then given a company and an assignment to pitch to an actual client. We then had to compete against 3 other teams to be named the new business pitch winner. It is an opportunity that I am truly grateful for, yet my sleep and workout schedule was the first thing to be sacrificed after 80-90 hour weeks piled on. Unfortunately, sleep directly correlates to my motivation to work out. Double sigh.

Anyways, I’ll end my tirade of excuses. The lesson learned? I will never sign up for a race and go into it THIS unprepared EVER AGAIN (Mark my words!). This race won’t be pretty, but at least it’s the swift kick in the ass I needed to get my butt in gear for MCM 2009 and beyond. I’m no longer burnt out, I’m energized! The weather? It is freaking AWESOME out nearly everyday. And my work schedule? I Waved goodbye to 90 hour weeks not too long ago. Hello Work-Life balance! So please, cross your fingers, say your prayers and think your good thoughts, I will need them!

Be sure to check back on Monday for results of the Blood bath!

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