Lately things have been a bit chaotic lately, multiple client projects, party hosting, projects for a part time WFH job, quick jaunts to Cape Cod for Easter & Mother’s day, volunteering with the ACS, oh yes, and then training, sleeping, eating and spending time with my boyfriend! My apartment is a mess, there are multiple loose ends that need to be tied up, priorities need to be made and I need some very much needed QT with my favorite person, Foxy.

After a really tough week last week, I’ve decided that I’m just going to take this week to try to streamline what I can, and get my life in order to avoid any future stress freak outs. I need to remember, I can’t do everything! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want my life any other way, but for now I need to take a quick break and get everything in order. With very little on the agenda on social schedule this weekend (I cleared the whole schedule awhile back for the Heartbreak Hill Half on this coming Sunday, which I am now so grateful for) I should be 100% back in action and my chatty, bloggy-self in the not too distant future. The good news is, my runs have not been sacrificed, and it’s helping me stay focused, centered and keeping me from losing my mind. Thank you running!

To share one non-running thing, Foxy & I celebrated the Kentucky Derby this past weekend with friends at our annual party that we host with another couple. It was a smashing success! Doesn’t Foxy look dapper in his seersucker suit?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, how do you manage everything? I need your tips!


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    love the outfits. take a moment for yourself, literally even if it is just a moment. just do some deep breathing and close your eyes, kind of like a yoga thing. it really helps!

    so exciting for this weekend! good luck!! are you going to end up doing the hyannis half?

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    oh duke men and seersucker suits. so not a shocking match.

    good luck getting through all the chaos! I am not much help, I always feel overextended. My best ways to conquer my life schedule: embrace the early, early mornings. Commute by exercising (if at all possible), take the rocketship with me to the gym, pack everything i need the night before and not sleep very much.

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    I’ve found there’s a fine line between the “happy busy” place and the over-committed place for me. It’s tough, and I tend to move back and forth, but it sounds like you’re doing a great job managing the stress and you’re taking the time you need to reprioritize.
    Glad you’ve been having a lot of fun and I LOVE your outfit for the derby party – so awesome!
    Hang in there Kimmy!! I’m glad working out is keeping you sane in the meantime 🙂

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    I get super stressed when I’m spread to thin. When things get like that, I keep a little notebook with me and write things down – to-do lists, grocery lists, thoughts, reminders – and it helps me keep things straight. It also helps me to recognize the things that could be easily crossed off or removed. I think you definitely have your priorities in order…and happy running!

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    Sounds like exactly how I was the week of the marathon- planned Joel’s party Thursday night,, Gretchens baby shower Friday, our party Saturday, and marathon monday! Its okay though- people like us love being busy! And I’m glad your running hasn’t been sacrificed. We still have to figure out a time to get together!!! Good luck this weekend… xoxo

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    I think you hit it right on the head – we have to remind ourselves that we can’t do everything!! What really helps me when I’m overwhelmed is making lists. It clears my head to get it all out in writing.

    Also, thanks for the recipe and DVD tips! I checked them out on Amazon and now I want them!!

    P.S. You look SUPER cute!!

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