Scenes from the Saturday and Looking Back on Swimming…

Thank you to everyone for the comments on my St. Patrick’s Day Weekend party conundrum. I ended up being able to balance celebrating AND running (both days, yay!) this past weekend. I did receive a few phone calls and texts asking where I was, but I was really happy that I was able to get in a beautiful run along the river with some DetermiNation New England Runners, volunteer at the Multisport World Expo, make cupcakes and then enjoy a few brews.

Saturday morning was kicked off with a 5.3 mile run along the Charles River. Unfortunately my photos didn’t capture the beautiful early spring weather as I had hoped, but I’m sharing them with you guys anyways.

We finished the run just before 9am, 5.32 miles in 49:58/9:23 pace. It was just what I needed, a nice easy run and a chance to catch up with Katy! Still sweaty from the run, I sprinted back to the car and drove over to the Zeiger Sports complex at MIT to volunteer for at the Multisport World Expo.

On top of a standard expo type of set up, there were several races, clinics and events throughout the expo. I completely dropped the ball and forgot to sign up for a few of these, but I look forward to participating next year!

While volunteering I tweeted a few of my local Boston running buddies that I knew would be stopping by the expo, and look who came by?! @Petfxr & @Ninaruns, fresh from the swim clinic.

Part of DetermiNation New England! Kim, Julie, Lisa and Katy

After I left the volunteering crew I perused the expo and stumbled upon a husband and wife team that has a triathlon apparel company called Pure Madness. Here is the story (almost word for word) that he told me regarding the name:

“As an ex-professional hockey player, I know what Madness is. I have trained and competed in many events, but when introduced to half-iron distance triathlons, it seemed like madness. One day, I was watching my girlfriend (now wife) compete in her 3rd Ironman in Lake Placid. The day started off cold, then monsoon-like rains came, then to sweltering hot. I thought to myself this is Pure Madness. Wow, pure madness, this is exactly what it is. That’s how the idea began……”

Ummm, I am sold! I ended up treating myself and buying a new training tee. I constantly hear get comments from people about how crazy I am for running, so I figured this new running shirt would test well, particularly my mother who thinks I have completely lost it – Sorry mom! 😉

On my way out of the expo I stopped and looked longingly at the pool. I watched young swimmers walk on the deck and hop in the pool and I found myself near tears. As much as I love running, nothing will ever compare to my love of swimming and how it shaped my adolescence and college years. During some of my toughest times, swimming was an source of support, and sometimes the only way I managed to get through each day. Unfortunately, swimming by myself these days ends up making me feel frustrated because I find myself comparing myself to times I once swam in high school and college. I I know I shouldn’t do this, but unfortunately my mind takes over and I can’t stop it. For a few months I tried swimming with a masters team in Cambridge, but ultimately I became frustrated by the clique-ness of the group, lack of accessibility and high prices. Some day I will find a team that fits with my busy schedule, but for now running is my focus.

The water will always be my first love, but running is a close second. Swimming and running are similar in that they are individual sports, and since I’m not a part of a racing team or running club (this will be changing in the not to distant future) I have missed the community of swimmers sharing stories, tips and supporting one another. While it’s definitely not the same type of interaction, the twitter and blogging community has been extremely helpful for helping me learn more about training and what is right for my body, and being supportive. Thank you for all of your comments, tips and words of wisdom. I truly love connecting with all of you, and I feel so fortunate to interact with so many smart, knowledgeable and motivated people. Your workouts and races inspire me to set goals and strive to constantly improve. So running might be different than swimming, and it will certainly never replace it, but I would like to thank running for being the next chapter in my athletic endeavors.


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    Awww suga… I know swimming is your first love, but running is a great runner up. And you are nasty good at it, so I think the running sport is lucky to have you. Great job running Saturday AND Sunday and cannot wait to get out there with you Tues AM! xo

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    awww, swimming probably misses you! i know how you feel, though, i love running and it seems to hate me. cycling and i get along much better but then i feel sad when i think about running.

    also, those pictures are gorgeous! what a pretty sky!

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    What, I don’t get a shoutout?! Shenanigans! 😛

    It was great to finally cross paths tho. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to do a pub run or head out along the Charles sometime this summer.

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    running, cupcakes, brew? perfect weekend! i’m impressed and proud you worked hard/played hard all weekend long.

    i share your feelings about swimming time frustrations but I’ve definitely gotten over that swimming is my only love feeling. i think back in my swim days i was blinded by all the chlorine and didn’t realize running and triathlons are my true loves. but i feel for you, really i do!

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